Geauga Lake

Aurora, Ohio


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Geauga Lake, Aurora, Ohio

  I had taken off for my first coaster trip where I hit Michigan's Adventure (Shivering Timbers at 50 degrees and raining is a blast!) Geauga lake and Cedar Point for Coastermania! It was a little rainy the day I went to Geauga Lake. Not being acclimated to the time zone change I ended up at the park about 2 hours before they opened.  It was relaxing to hang out but this beautiful entrance plaza to Geauga Lake.  They have signs all around talking about the park's 100+ year history.

Geauga Lake, Aurora, Ohio

Here's a panoramic shot of the park from the Raging Wolf Bobs platform.  You can see their new Serial Thriller and the Big Dipper and Mind Eraser in the distance.

Geauga Lake, Aurora, Ohio

Geauga Lake also has a classic carousel but sadly it wasn't operating this day!  One of these days I'll have to take Carrie here to check this out as she can't ride coasters but loves carousels.

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