Geauga Lake

Aurora, Ohio


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Geauga Lake, Aurora, Ohio

The Double Loop was the first double looping coaster in the world.  It is surprisingly smooth for an old Arrow Coaster.  One thing I really like about this coaster is that after the drop you climb up a hill into a turnaround in which you're up there whizzing through the trees.  It's quite relaxing.

Geauga Lake, Aurora, Ohio

Here's the train going through the final of the two loops.  After this there's a helix and back into the station where if you're lucky the ride op will kick your harnesses open as the train passes him in the station (it has manual release harnesses).

Geauga Lake, Aurora, Ohio

The Big Dipper is Geauga Lake's oldest coaster and was my first John Miller designed coaster from the 1920's!  This isn't the biggest ride in the park but WOW it definitely is the best.  

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