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2006 Construction Update

April 15, 2006

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The New For 2006 Voyage Rollercoaster at Holiday World, Santa Claus, Indiana

Spring is in the air and soon The Voyage will be totally enshrouded in greenery.  Give it a few days and I won't be able to see The Voyage's third hill from the road anymore until fall comes.

 New For 2006 Voyage Rollercoaster at Holiday World, Santa Claus, Indiana

Finishing touches continue on The Voyage with the station tunnel getting some additional walls and a roof and to the left of that you can barely see the structure for what looks like the safety netting that will go over The Voyage's track where it goes near the walkways just like they have on The Legend and Raven.

The New For 2006 Gobbler Getaway at Holiday World, Santa Claus, Indiana

The work of siding Gobbler Getaway has kind of stopped for a while but my guess is that they are working on the front of it including the overhang that sticks out on the right side of the building that appeared this week.

Holiday World, Santa Claus, Indiana

All of the Bamboo Chute except for this one piece have been assembled and taken away so my guess is it's either on site or is being put together over the new walkway down into Thanksgiving.


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