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Six Flags Ohio, Aurora, Ohio

Welcome to the newest of the Six Flags chain, Six Flags Ohio.  This is not a new park but existed for over a hundred years as Geauga Lake...I'd just wished that they would have kept the original name and called it Six Flags Geauga Lake.

Six Flags Ohio, Aurora, Ohio

No this is not one of the four new coasters that Six Flags added to Geauga Lake it's Robb and Rebecca Alvey.  I believe if it were a ride it's be called the "Wild Robb".

Six Flags Ohio, Aurora, Ohio

To the fellow enthusiasts from the Chicago area might remember this ride.  At Six Flags Ohio it's called Mr. Hydes Fear Fall but when it was put up at Great America it was known as the Edge.  The reason that it is no longer at Great America is that there was an accident where four people were injured.  The Edge was soon dismantled and moved to a park out east before ending up at Six Flags Ohio.  I really like these freefall rides.  It's a great rush.


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