Six Flags Over Georgia

Austell, Georgia

November 6, 2004

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Six Flags Over Georgia, Austell, GA

Six Flags Over Georgia has become a favorite of mine and I couldn't let a coaster season go by without visiting so we headed on down for their last day which was an exclusive treat for Six Flags season pass holders only.  You see, membership does have it's benefits because there were only a couple of thousand people there.

Bond and his new hat at Six Flags Over Georgia, Austell, GA

It was bright out and Six Flags Over Georgia had everything in their stores priced half off so Bond picked up this stylin' hat.  Lookout we may have a Jr. Propellerhead.

Fright Fest Decorations At Six Flags Over Georgia, Austell, GA

While Halloween was the previous weekend remnants of Fright Fest was still scattered around the park.

The Georgia Scorcher Rollercoaster at Six Flags Over Georgia, Austell, GA

It's kind of hard to miss the Georgia Scorcher as it dominates the front of the park.


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