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Santa Claus, Indiana

2005 Construction

December 28, 2004


As you can see we have more than a little bit of snow in Santa Claus, Indiana.  We have at least twenty inches of the white stuff and it all came within a twenty-four hour period doubling the previous record of just ten inches in the same time.


Of course even all of that snow didn't stop Santa from dropping off one of 2005's presents into Holiday World's parking lot.  Yes this present is the Revolution.

Like the Roundhouse which was the Revolution's predecessor this is a type of ride that's normally known as a "round-up".  Basically it spins you around and while centrifugal forces hold you against the wall the whole thing tilts up into the sky.  The big difference between the Revolution and the Roundhouse is that this one has lights as well as a slightly higher capacity to move the line faster.


Next to the Revolution sitting in Holiday World's Raven Lot are parts to the Raven's new transfer track as well as a pile of trusses for the building that will store the Raven's second train.

Outside of these visible signs of work for the 2005 season I've seen quite a few dump trucks and earth movers down by Splashin' Safari so it's easy to assume that Bahari is being worked on.


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