Holiday World & Splashin' Safari

Santa Claus, Indiana

Opening Day 2003

May 3, 2003

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Bond and the Raven @ Holiday World & Splashin' Safari

The long off season was about to finally end!  Bond has been anxiously awaiting the parks opening so he can go play.  He really wants to go get at the Raven and ride but he has about nine inches to go before he's tall enough to ride.

Paul Drabek  waiting for Holiday World & Splashin' Safari to open!

I was being patient too in addition to seriously pining for a ride on the Raven.

Bond getting his first season pass @ Holiday World & Splashin' Safari

Bond has become a big boy because this year is the first that he has to have a season pass at Holiday World.  He wasn't exactly sure what was going on but he did a great job.


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