Holiday World & Splashin' Safari

Santa Claus, Indiana

2003 Construction

April 12, 2003

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Holiday World's Front Gates

When leaves start budding and temperatures start rising amusement parks across the country get ready to open.  Holiday World & Splashin' Safari has been in full swing getting ready for their 2003 season for a while now. 

 Holiday World's Water Tower

One of the first things that visitors to Holiday World see is the water tower that can bee seen from miles around.  Not only does the water for the town of Santa Claus come from here but Holiday World's web cam is also on top of it.

Bond @ Holiday World

Bond of course had a blast going to the park for a look.  Here he is telling about how he is going to ride the Raven.


Click Here for more photos of Holiday World's 2003 season preparation and construction.


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