Holiday World & Splashin' Safari

Santa Claus, Indiana

2003 Construction

November 5, 2002


Yesterday I drove by the Santa Claus Post Office, not remembering that it had already moved and found this gaping hole in the fence into Holiday World.  Behind the fence used to be a mound of dirt and a grassy area before you got to the midway.  After a few emails I found out that they are going to move the Christmas shop to this location and use the previous location for banquets and then use the banquet hall in Kringle's Cafe for more seating.


This used to be the Santa Claus Post Office.  It recently moved to the strip mall down from Holiday Foods which makes it more accessible.  Holiday World is going to move a few more offices into here.


The brick around this building is now being removed before demolition.  Once this is gone I expect Liberty Launch will progress pretty rapidly.


When construction happens or when ride parts show up it'll be posted here.


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