Holiday World & Splashin' Safari

Santa Claus, Indiana

Zoombabwe Construction 

March 10, 2002


We had to go get some groceries in Santa Claus today so I grabbed my camera and drove by the park to see how Zoombabwe was progressing.  Paula had told us that there wouldn't be much vertical building until March and she was right as only a fourth of what is up today was up last week.

Here is one of the tube sections and some parts in the employee parking lot. 

Here's a nice shot of Zoombabwe .  It looks to be about a third complete.  There aren't too many tube sections down here but the majority of the rest of them are up between the Raven and Legend by Lake Rudolph.  They are going to be placed over and behind the Legend and it's easier to get to them there.


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