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Stark Raven Mad

May 11, 2001

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Spring is in the air, flowers are blooming and coaster enthusiasts embark on a pilgrimage to the legendary town of Santa Claus, Indiana for the equally legendary Stark Raven Mad event at Holiday World.  This year for Holiday World was a big park improvement year with one of the most noticeable being their new and expanded entrance.  One of the things they added as well are a bunch of state of the art waterless urinals in the bathrooms at the entrance!  Ok, I know it sounds like something only a sick-o would be psyched about but according to the company who makes the waterless urinals each one of them saves 45,000 gallons of water a year!  That's a pretty impressive savings for the park as well as the environment.

HW-SRM-2001-Frito-Pie.jpg (35759 bytes)

One of the joys of Stark Raven Mad is getting together with friends that you haven't seen over the off season but it is also the food.  Here is one of Holiday World's specialties...the Frito Pie!  Basically it's a bag of Fritos cut open with cheese and taco meat added but it's really good.  Try one the next time you're at Holiday World...they are at the Alamo restaurant.

HW-SRM-2001-Carrie-after-riding-Raven.jpg (65066 bytes)

Oh, yes Stark Raven Mad is about coasters as well.   In fact it's about the two best wooden coasters found anywhere...the Raven and The Legend.  Here's a shot of Carrie after her first ride on the Raven.....she's hooked.  Yay!!!


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