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Golden Ticket Awards

July 31, 2001

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For the last few years the trade publication Amusement Today has been polling enthusiasts about what coasters and parks they like as well as many other categories.  This year they decided to hold the announcements at Holiday World as Holiday World won several Golden Ticket awards the previous year.  Here is the editor of Amusement Today Gary Slade announcing some of the winners.

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As Holiday World is one of the best parks around Mrs. Koch accepts the Golden Ticket award for Friendliest Park Staff.

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The second Golden Ticket Mrs. Koch accepted is something she personally works on around the park and that is Cleanest Park.  I've been to parks all around the country and I have never seen the head of a park going out and personally cleaning up the park when it was needed.  In my humble opinion Mrs. Koch is an inspiration and is a joy to all around her.  If you doubt me just go to Holiday World some time and run into her and you'll be blown away by what a wonderful person she is.

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In addition to the awards that Holiday World won Paramount's Kings Island Jeffrey Siebert came to accept the Golden Ticket for the best Children's Area with their whole Nickelodeon Fun Zone area that takes up a quarter of the park.  As a parent I can defiantly say that their children's area rocks.


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