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Legend Construction Tour

December 11, 1999

Page Two


HW-12-11-99-Legend-Drop-Tunnel-2.jpg (226037 bytes)

Here's another shot of the first drop.  This looks to be super steep!  You know at speed the tunnel will look really small and will provide a great start to the ride.

HW-12-11-99-Legend-Hill2-Drop4.jpg (106687 bytes)

After the first drop you head up on over the Wattubie water slide on the way to the turnaround.  The hill to the left is the big drop after the turnaround before getting to the helix.  Basically the Legend's first half is like an out and back with tons of hills for airtime and then the second half is a great twister.

HW-12-11-99-Legend-Bottom-of-drop-2.jpg (72523 bytes)

Over the second hill is a nice drop which will be taken at great speed because the hill isn't that tall which means airtime.  Then after that you head up this hill into a great turnaround.


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