Johnlloyd Goes to Kings Island Again (June 15th-17th)

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Johnlloyd Goes to Kings Island Again (June 15th-17th)

Post by Johnlloyd » Thu Jun 23, 2016 10:18 am

I finally made it back to Kings Island on June 15th, nearly two years after my first, amazing visit! Last year (June 2015) I had ventured down through Pennsylvania and checked out Dorney Park, which was also amazing! So, this year I decided to head back to Kings Island with my brother Scott and a friend of ours as, Scott and I really enjoyed it two years ago! Last time we had visited, I didn’t get on all the major coasters. So, this time around during my second visit to Kings Island, I rode every major coaster in the park without any hesitations. They were all great in my opinion as they all gave relatively smooth coasters, which made them highly re-ride-able!

To begin this trip report, let me start off by sharing our first evening of our trip at the park. So, we arrived at Kings Island around 6:30pm after driving for nearly 9 and half hours. It was quite humid and cloudy. Just as we were entering through the front gate, dark clouds began approaching so, we quickly made our way to Banshee before it began to storm. After my friend and I rode Banshee (which was great and Scott rode it later), it began to thunder. So, we made our way to some of the stores on International Street to take shelter while the storm passed. After waiting around awhile for the storm to arrive, we then ventured to Coney Confections candy store in Coney Mall; that’s when the storm really had hit. During the hour and a half that the storm occurred, many chairs and patio tables were blown over from the strong winds that blew through Kings Island. Also, there were many lightning strikes that made the power blink but luckily there were no power outages! We had eventually made our way over to the arcade and played some games in there.


So, around 8:30pm the storm had completely passed so we were able to get an hour and a half of ride time in with no lines since everyone had left due to the strong storm! So, our first evening wasn’t a washout all together. So, before the park closed for the night, we took rides on Banshee, Shake Rattle & Roll, Monster, The Racer, Adventure Express, Drop Tower, Diamondback and the Eiffel Tower to catch a view of the nightly fireworks. We then had headed off to our accommodations at the Microtel Inn. You can check out my fireworks video taken from atop the Eiffel Tower here!

Our second and final day at Kings Island was amazing but, really hot as the temperature (when converted from 95* Fahrenheit to Celsius) was 35*C with a humidity of 73%. So, it was a rather hot and sticky morning but, luckily by late morning, early afternoon the wind started to pick up and gust which unfortunately caused Drop Tower, the Eiffel Tower, and Windseeker to close for the rest of the day. But, since the lines were relatively short on the ride side due to the hot weather, I was able to try out all the coasters I didn’t ride last time, during our visit two years ago. So, once the park opened for the morning, we ventured off to Firehawk, which Scott and I decided to ride. We were very fortunate to experience Firehawk for the first time in the front seat! It was totally amazing flying coaster that we decided to ride it five times throughout the day! Up next was Flight of Fear, the indoor launched coaster. Scott decided to sit out on this one since he isn’t too keen on launched coaster so, my friend and I gave it a ride. I found it to be really fun but going through the cobra roll after the launch was a little rough as my head had slid off the headrest. But, other than that, it was a great coaster.

Later in the day after riding more rides and visiting Soak City, I decided I would gain up my courage to ride the last major coaster I hadn’t rode at Kings Island yet, and that was The Beast. It’s been the longest wooden coaster in the World at 7,359 feet since it opened in 1979. Luckily, the wait was only about 10 minutes or less, so I decided to ride as Scott and our friend didn’t feel like riding it. So, once I got onto the coaster in one of the middle cars, I was a little nervous about how rough The Beast was going to be. But, once I descended down the first drop, I found it to be quite smooth and enjoyable! But, when the train got to the second lift hill, I began to feel a little nervous again because of the double helix. But, once again, I discovered it was really smooth and highly enjoyable! After getting off The Beast, I was totally amazed that I had just conquered the World’s longest wooden coaster! I immediately walked down the exit path to the photo booth and purchased my on-ride photo. Then, I even had my photo taken in front of The Beast’s sign.


So, we finished our amazing second day at Kings Island around 8:30pm. After we had left the park, we went off to Perkin’s for some great food! After spending another night at the Microtel Inn, we headed back up the I-75 home to Ontario. Overall, we had an amazing time at Kings Island conquering some of the most amazing coasters I have ever experienced. It was great being back after two years, so who knows, I may get to go to Kings Island every two years if everything works out! Thanks for reading my trip report and be sure to check out my official trip report at for more information and of course photos! 8)

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