TR: SchroederCon Wedding and La Ronde

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TR: SchroederCon Wedding and La Ronde

Post by Paul Drabek » Tue May 27, 2014 4:17 am

Good Lord we had fun in Montreal.

First off we arrive on Thursday night. Illinois, Bratman and Alabama Mike are there along with Absimilard who is a local. Dinner at Three Amigos before retiring to Bratman's opulent "Party suite" that was big enough for a massive party the following night.

Friday we headed up Mount Royal to look out on the city before heading down to the legendary Schwartz's for a Montreal Smoked Meat Sandwich. That was amazing and ranks as one of the best sandwiches ever. Then we were off to the Old Town to walk around before heading back to the hotel. For dinner we found a hole in the wall Chinese restaurant that was actually inexpensive (under $35 with a tip for the three of us) but extremely good for dinner before the party in Paul's suite.

I think calling Paul's room a suite is too underwhelming. I mean you could house 50 Russians in it back in the days of the USSR it is so huge. There was too much to drink (I have a few cases in my van as we speak...Greg some of it is for you) and much to munch on for Paul's party. We got to meet Bratman's Family and a bunch of his friends. Much fun, frivolities, food and beverage was had by all in preparation for the big day.

Saturday our goals were to sleep in knowing that we'd be dancing, eating and drinking that night. The service was at two and just 10 kilometers away so the Mikes, Carrie, Bond and myself hopped into the van at 12:45. It turns out not only are the roads all full of pot holes and the drivers a bit aggressive (this coming from a native Chicagoan) but the city likes to go from three lanes of traffic to 0 causing most of us to just barely make it to the service.

The service was gorgeous. Adrianna was radiant in her dress and Paul was smiling so big I'm sure you could see it from the states. The priest gave a really nice service and it was fun listening to him go from English to Italian and back. It was wonderful to share that moment with both Paul and Adri.

There was a little time between the service and the reception so Absimilard told us about a restaurant/pool hall just down from the venue. We walked in and there was no pool being played just soccer watching on the TV. When asking for a table we were informed that Bond had to be 18 so we got kicked out. No biggie as we went to a fast food joint and chilled before heading to the reception.

About the reception. I think everyone was a little sore the next day. Not just from all the dancing but because of all of the laughing we did. It was EPIC!!!!!!!! There was awesome food. There was Paul and Adri entering the room dancing to some Brian Adams. That kicked off the party and it didn't stop from there.

Here are a few highlights:

Bond learned to rock the Kiddie Cocktail as he spent a bunch of time looking all debonair while sipping it at the bar.

Much, much conversation at our table.


I got to have a dance with Carrie to "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes" by the Platters which we danced to at our wedding 19 years ago.

Alabama Mike drank 1.5 bottles of wine and then seriously let go on the dance floor.

Bond got asked to dance by Absimilard's date Amy.

ACE Receiving Line Take Over!!!

Too much amazing food to list it all here.

Adrianna (blindfolded) feeling up Bond, Illinois, Bratman's and my rear ends to determine which was that of her husband. Bond almost passed out from laughing and Paul and I were the only ones who got a "maybe" from Adrianna during her "touch test" so I guess we have similar posteriors.

Illinois Mike (a ballroom dancer) was not dancing so Carrie pulled him out onto the dance floor for a dance.

Bond rocked the dance floor.

Everyone rocked the dance floor at one point or another.

Sweets and Italian poutine buffet after midnight.

Then everyone stumbled exhausted out of the hall and passed out stuffed with memories and fine food.

Then we awoke way too early the next day and headed to the SchroederCon proper at La Ronde.

We had ERT in the morning on the SLC (I'm not going to even try to spell it right now) and Goliath.

Goliath was fun but made me a bit I'll with all the ups and downs in a straight line after two rides.

The SLC was a SLC and Bond cursed me for taking him on a credit run.

Beaver Tails are the food of the gods!

We were given a nice behind the scenes tour of Le Monstre which was cool.

When the park opened we hit Dragon (which was a real surprise), the Bobsleds, Kiddie Coaster, Le Boomerang and Le Super Ménage before lunch began.

After lunch we were taken back to Le Monstre for a walk on. They only had one side running and one train so the normal line was huge. Wow what a surprise of a rest though. It is aggressive and one of the dips turned to be a surprise moment of extreme ejection seat airtime for those of us in the back.

Paul and Adri had stuff to do so we took the old monorail from the Worlds Fair for a ride to the front. Up there we rode Le Vampire (aka Le Batman) and then rounded out the day on Le Cobra before heading to the exit.

That night the Mikes, Carrie, Bond and I who were the only ones left headed to Paul and Adrianna's suite to hang out before some of us went home and Paul and Adri started their new life together.

It was an amazing time and Paul and Adrianna set the bar pretty high for any weddings to come.

Pictures and a full TR coming later
Life is short....have fun!

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