AOL Instant Messenger Online-Offline Modification

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AOL Instant Messenger Online-Offline Modification

Post by Paul Drabek » Thu Mar 30, 2006 9:53 pm

Hey all;

I just wanted to let you know that I added a mod to the forums where you can see if someone using the AOL Instant Messenger is online or offline and then chat with them if you so desire. The only thing is if you want others to be able to see you online make sure you have your AIM privacy settings set to allow users to contact you and that no one is blocked. Otherwise it will perpetually have you set as "Offline". Also you have to have your AIM screen name listed in your user profile here on the forums.

I'll see if there is a similar mod for ICQ, Yahoo Chat and MSN Messenger. But I do have a minor request is there anyone who has any graphic skills who might have a few ideas for online & offline buttons that might match the look of the forums a bit better than the standard buttons?

Have Fun

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