Holiday World opening weekend

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Holiday World opening weekend

Post by Gump » Sun May 04, 2014 8:19 pm

The Gump family decided we'd head to Holiday World to get our season passes and visit on beautiful Sunday afternoon today, and little did know what we had in store would be a roller coaster of a ride. We arrived around 2 pm Central time to a half filled front parking lot, and were able to park around Tram stop 2. Getting out of van we all hurried to the front gates to with joy in our hearts but not our keys. Yes, you did hear right I thought Mrs. Gumpa had the key and she thought I had the key. We proceeded to get Mrs. Gump and my pass purchased and were greeted with a very unusual sight for us, a huge line to get season passes. We waited about 10 minutes in line with 2 windows opened and finally it was decided to open additional windows. Perhaps the most surprising thing of our visit was the inefficiency of season pass processing. The park in all it's customer service had failed to figure in the number of season pass holders looking to get their passes this weekend and the result was hot, confusing mess of a line, and one that ultimately had only half my family getting their passes today. I will come back to that later. Once Mrs. Gump and I got to a open window the customer service representative graciously pointed out that park maintenance could help us get our keys unlocked from our car, so Mrs. Gump waited up front for them. I went ahead tried to save some time and waited in the heat for what seemed a really long time to get my pass. The park realized to some extent the error of their ways and were handing out water cups to those of us baking in the sun. Overall the mood was bright with the processing pass employees, and the woman who helped me was very cheerful. When I left the season processing line with our youngest, Mrs. Gump had already got maintenance to assist her with getting the keys. Cheers to the park staff for helping us out in that fashion. This was kinda the story of the day a lot of ups and lot of downs. Once the kids and Mrs. Gump got through the line in about 15 to 20 minutes everyone headed in to meet me. Our oldest son had a headache and was down for the count so my daughter, and I headed to the Raven. The Raven had no line and was running as great as ever. The ride staff was quick to check belts and even make sure baby girl had her's tight enough. Raven ran smooth and fast up till we slammed into the break run. There's a great airtime hill before dashing into the forest that I just love. Next it was on to the Legend. Upon arrival at the station we noticed a lack of line like at the Raven and got some great rides. Somebody correct me and I know you will but it seems like over the past few years there's been a slow down point on the ride right before the dash under frightful falls? The slow down feel of the ride in the middle didn't stop us from getting several re rides on Legend. A highlight of the rides on Legend was when a boy turns to baby girl and says all excited and proud , "is this your first time on this?" Baby girl looks at the boy with this blank grin and says, "Ummm NO!" Getting to ride with your daughter is awesome, getting to ride with your daughter when she tells some boy that she's rode more coasters than he has, PRICELESS! About this time I was worried about Mrs. Gump and the boys so we headed toward the Thanksgiving part of the park. We hit the Voyage up for a ride , and it didn't disappoint. I thought it ran a little smoother than last year and noticed a considerable amount of new wood. I was only able to get a single ride on Voyage because with one time the line was stacking and we didn't feel like walking around. The next ride we hit was new Mayflower. I must say the ship looked stunning , but the pit dug out with out water under the ship was a little disappointing . I'm not sure if you've ever been to Cedar Point but that was what I was expecting as far as theme. One has to wonder if why even take the time to build a moat if it's barely big enough for the ship to swing out over. The ride was very short like 6 swings maybe 8 and the ride op said we had to keep our hands down. What the what? It's a swinging ship that's the point to hold your hands up grab airtime and scream like crazy. Hopefully this is just a early season deal and things will get better. Baby girl and I finally found Mrs. Gump and the boys . Baby boy was amped up about riding as he was waiting with Mrs. Gump and our oldest. We decided the best bet would be to hit the white water rapids ride. Once we were good and wet we went and rode the the Turkey Wirl , or whatever it's called, along with a ride on the Gobbler Getaway. As we were leaving the park we went to pick put the rest of the passes and to our surprise they had 2 out of the 4 passes printed for us and we were advised to come back another day and they would be ready. Now I like Holiday World and I believe they would do us no wrong , however I was not impressed with the fact that they had only part of our groups passes ready. We were told on our next trip they would have the passes at the Guest Services window, and everyone was very reassuring that we would have them. Here's the problem, earlier in the day Mrs. Gump was advised they'd be ready by the end of the day, and instead of having a pass or voucher for guests who had they had failed to get their passes printed in time they expected you take them at their word. Once again I had a great time and most of the staff made sure they were extra nice to our youngest but it was a little disappointing for part of family to get their passes and part to be told they'd have to come back to pick them up. Overall, again it was great day with a few set backs . Looking forward to going back and getting pictures for you next time.

Ride Count:
6 Raven
7 Legend
1 Voyage
Several rides on the other flats

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