The New Negative-G Index Page and -G From The Beginning

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The New Negative-G Index Page and -G From The Beginning

Post by Paul Drabek » Sat Jun 29, 2013 1:38 pm

Hey everyone;

Along with the trip report I just uploaded a new Negative-G Index page. Not tons new there that you can see but I got rid of years of bad coding and errors with a completely newly coded and error free page. I actually started messing with it because I wanted to do a page full of every trip report in chronological order so someone could read every trip report from the beginning to the present if they wanted. So I dove deep into fixing the index page, making the logos bigger and in order and now it's up. About the biggest thing you'll notice is there is now a random image at the top of the page that looks cool.

If there's ever anything that you'd like added to the forums or site to make it more user friendly or get more folks in here then please let me know and I'll do what I can.'s the link to the new index page and to Negative-G From The Beginning. Oh if you want to read it all there are 317 different trip reports from 73 different parks with 3,400+ pages of html.

Have Fun

Life is short....have fun!

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