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Forest Flyer

Post by CptBeeble » Sat May 03, 2014 6:15 am

I don't really care much for flying coasters... the Vekoma ones generally have poor layouts (although I love the bit about going up the lift on your back, then that OMG rollover that shows how high you are) and the B&M ones leave you hanging by your restraints all the way up the lift (but they have those gnarly positive G dives/pretzel loops).

I decided to try to build a flyer that had a decent layout, loads of positive Gs, and a nice comfy where-are-we-anyway lift trip on your back. Rather than do the Vekoma rollover, which would've required having the station track inverted at 180 degrees (has anyone tried this? Did it mess up the station?) or a rollover before AND after the lift. Neither was satisfactory to me, so I devised a cool method to avoid both problems. The solution also benefits from having an OMG head-first dive rather than a rollover at the top.
LiftSolution.jpg (187.25 KiB) Viewed 3578 times
Nose Dive!
FFlyerLift.jpg (210.79 KiB) Viewed 3578 times
There are lots of trees... err, supports... in near-miss situations as you fly about the forest. It runs three trains without stoppage on any block brakes, but if you want to increase your frame rates, knock it down to two or even one train. Flyers tend to hog all kinds of CPU/GPU resources and even a fast computer can hiccup a bit in spots when your train (or one of the others) is navigating the maze of supports over the water.

Here's the file:

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