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Post by Trackwalker » Tue May 10, 2011 9:01 am

This is a recreation coaster but I added another track making it a THREE TRACK RACER. So it really isn't like the real racer at Mexico City.

Each set of trains have the colors of their country's flags. The United States set has RED, WHITE and BLUE trains while the MEXICAN set has RED, WHITE and GREEN trains. Also I tried to make the Mexican Flag at the top of the lift hills. Of course I failed. That's supposed to be an Eagle eating a snake while perched on a cactus out in a lake. Oh well. I tried.


The Mexico City Racer was built in 1964 at Chapultepec Park and can be seen from the highway that passes by the Park. Chapultepec Park is sort of like Central Park in New York City except it has an amusement park and the castle that Maximillian and his wife Carlota lived in while they ruled Mexico. Maximillian was shot and killed by a firing squad, Sunday, June 19, 1867, in the town of Querétero. Meanwhile, almost 100 years later in 1964 Eddie Leis of the National Amusement Device Company, Dayton, Ohio designed the Mexico City Racing coaster and it is still up and running in Mexico City. They call it Serpiente Del Fuego. That's Fire Serpent down home neighbor. That coaster has not met the firing squad yet. So get down there and take a ride on it while you can.

But if you can't make it to Mexico City, I advise you to take a spin on the next best thing, my NL version of the Mexico City Racer.
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