Mitch Hawker- style poll is LIVE

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Mitch Hawker- style poll is LIVE

Post by CptBeeble » Thu Nov 02, 2017 3:10 pm

Remember the Mitch Hawker poll? It used a ranked-pairs algorithm to determine the winner, effectively eliminating the bias that most polls have where a coaster gets mondo props for being well-ridden. You know, like when MilForce used to win the Golden Tickets every year.

Anyway, since Mitch quit doing the poll, I have longed for someone to pick up the ball and get one started again.

It didn't happen, so I taught myself to code and did it myself. Voting is LIVE right now until Dec 31.

You can get your ballot here:

Ballots are coming in already and there's a super-close race for first place. How close? The two are separated by 0.045 %

The more ballots received, the more accurate the results. Download your ballot and share the link with all your coaster peeps!

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