No More Timberliners for Holiday World!

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Re: No More Timberliners for Holiday World!

Post by jk1w » Sun Aug 18, 2013 9:15 pm

When I was on the Voyage in early 2011, they had the mid course brakes running, but the thing is that it was in the beginning of the season. I never bothered to question this though as this was my first trip to HW.

btw here is an article from 2007 talking about the MCBR ... 42496.html

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Re: No More Timberliners for Holiday World!

Post by TNT » Tue Aug 20, 2013 1:12 am

TC10K wrote:HW used to bring the trains almost to a stop on the midcourse late in the season when complaints of roughness and shorter queues were the order of the day.

I remember at Con 07, I mentioned that it was great, but a bit on the rough side. He said, "wait till late July!"
Thats one downside to wood coasters, when they get dried out some of them become very rough. At SFSTL they run sprinklers on the track of the Boss to try and counter act this. One time they tried running the sprinklers while the ride was running, turns out water drops at 60 mph hurt.

It sounds like Voyage needs some kind of articulating train. Millennium Flyer trains would work but the ride would need modification. The only trains that could run in place of the PTC are the 4 seat Gerstlauer trains. (The only reason I know that is because the Boss ran the PTC from Screamin Eagle because the trains for the Boss wouldn't complete the course. After some investigation it turned out the wrong grease had been put in the wheels.) The Gerstlauers would just make it worse.

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Re: No More Timberliners for Holiday World!

Post by CptBeeble » Tue Aug 20, 2013 9:59 pm

Articulated trains might make the corners wear out slower, but they won't do anything for the valleys of those first three dips. That's just pure-dee-old wood compression there and the only thing that will help that are lighter trains. Timberliners were supposed to be much lighter than PTCs, which is why they were told it would help keep the ride smoother (in addition to being articulated).

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