Good News/Bad News for Conneaut Lake

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Good News/Bad News for Conneaut Lake

Post by jk1w » Sun Aug 04, 2013 12:13 am

Good News:

Conneaut Lake is going to open a new attraction, and Thursday's fire won't have much of an impact on efforts to unveil the new attraction this Saturday.

Also over 50 volunteers have spent the week here painting and restoring a lot of the parks signs, attractions and buildings.

Even more good news for fans of Idora, an old kiddie fire truck ride has been fully restored from the park.

And park officials say they believe they won't have to sell off the park due to over $800,000 in back taxes. They say they are working with county commissioners and the taxing office to keep it. ... attraction

Bad News:

Along with the dodgems destroyed; the 77-year-old Beach Club night club was completely also destroyed along with the Dockside building.

Also lost in the fire were items from the park stored under the Beach Club including:
- 25 fascination games
- A miniature train

Along with a RARE National Amusement Devices (NAD) train from the Blue Streak roller coaster ... d-in-fire/

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