Changing attitudes with age/experience

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Changing attitudes with age/experience

Post by CptBeeble » Thu Jul 25, 2013 10:30 pm

Coasters used to scare me.
My first coaster (1972, age 5) scared me so badly it was four years later before I got on it again.
I survived it, but it still scared me. I rode TxCyclone for the first time that same day.
I remember the next few years, every time the TC train would crest the hill, I'd be terrified... and by the end of the ride, having a blast and wanting to do it again.

These days, coasters just don't scare me at all. Not even a little. Sure, there's a thrill and a rush of adrenaline, but no fright.
Sometimes I wish there could be a return to the days when I'd shiver going up the lift, then having the fear turn to fun in the middle of the ride.

...but I've found that with the absence of fear comes a better appreciation for the whole ride and not just the speed, height, whatever. In the old days, the "lesser coasters" would be just there to ride once, be disappointed that there wasn't much thrill, then move on to the big ones.
These days, I find that I can appreciate a smaller coaster just as much as a big, record-breaker.

The obvious example is Wooden Warrior, that "I can't believe this is a kiddie coaster" coaster... but that's not really what I'm talking about, since pretty much EVERYBODY loves that ride.

How about Wodan as a better example... when it opened, there were scathing reviews from the Euro enthusiasts who were expecting something to rival the likes of El Toro or Voyage... or at least be an undisputed white-knuckler. They complained that the airtime wasn't good enough, the speed was too slow, the layout lacking intensity.
I rode it last summer. I freaking LOVED it. While I must agree that it's not that fast, it's not very intense, there's not much airtime to speak of, and it really doesn't do all that much considering its commanding presence in the park, it still ranks as one of my top ten woodies.
The structure is one of the most beautiful wood coaster structures I've ever seen. My fiancé is an architect and he found it fascinating enough that he could while away the time studying it while I rode (he doesn't ride anything).
The queue line is as good as anything at Islands of Adventure. Maybe better.
The trains are comfy and the ride is fairly smooth.
The turn before the lift is banked outward and somehow caught me off-guard more than once. Nice touch!
The setting of the ride is beautiful and fits well.
Mostly, however, the ride is just a boatload of FUN. OK, so it's not overly thrilling, it's certainly not a white-knuckle ride, but I had an absolute BLAST every time I rode it. Amazingly, it didn't seem to lose any of that enjoyment even after multiple rides. I don't think I could ever get bored of it.

In the old days, I'd have been one of those complainers that it didn't live up to the hype and that EuropaPark had missed their opportunity to really deliver on this one...
so in that respect, I'm kinda glad I can't go back to those times when the scare factor was what I craved. I'm able now to let each ride just be what it is and genuinely appreciate it for what it is and not just how extreme it might be.

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