Midnight Forest Haunted Trail

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Midnight Forest Haunted Trail

Post by dare-to-fly » Tue Oct 26, 2010 12:32 am

I just wanted to remind everyone that this was the last weekend for Midnight Forest, so if you feel like making the trek out that way, we'd love to have you. Illinois - we expect pictures!!! :)

We had a blast at our official ACE event on Saturday. Sorry that you guys didn't make it out there, but you still have one more weekend. We're open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Fri/Sun until 11 and Sat until midnight.

Below are comments (actually one is a trip report) of the event. We had a grand total of 3 in attendance! I also attached a group photo with all the scareactors in it as well.

We all had a an amazing time! Thanks for everything, and hopefully that event will happen every year! It was fun a lot of fun talking to you guys about roller coasters and relating our experiences. It's not every day I can go and talk coasters to people. ACE is definitely the perfect club for us all! Now I can say I own a couple of pieces of Thunder Run from Kentucky Kingdom. Monica shared one of her pieces from the Big Dipper, so we each own pieces from two different roller coasters, lol. The scare actors were a lot of fun too and the pizza was excellent. Big Daddy's is definitely some of the best pizza I have had! Can't wait till next year to see where the expansion ends up. There is a ton of room in the backwoods! We plan on being down at Dollywood on the 19th staying till the 21st. Hopefully weather will hold up for us!

ACE Scared Stiff
It started when Robbie (rtraveler2004), my friend Abi and I decided to go to Midnight Forest (It's in Milton, In. I really recommend it if your close by) for an ACE event. It is a local trail lead by fellow ace members Kat and Nick. We was the only ace members to show up, but we still had a blast. We got there a little before 5:30 showing up before many of the scare actors. We talked a while about coasters. That Is when Kat told us, she was the new owner of Big Dipper! I felt smarter then Robbie for once, I knew more bout Big Dipper then he did! Was just a little to shy at first to speak up, That changed by the end of the night believe me. We talked about her plans for Big Dipper and much more about it. Well after talking for a bit we got a day light tour of the trail, finding out where everyone tends to hide. Well Kat made me jump During daylight, something no other hunted trail or house has made me do this year. She got me a few times that night to, always the same part to. You would think I would know it was coming, but she still managed to make me jump. At the end of the trail before the corn maze was a maze of bungee cords easiest way through was to crawl.We then walked through the corn maze, learning our way out quickly (it became helpful at the end of the night). After the tour we got a tour of the back woods, crossing a broken home made bridge to get to the other side, and walking through who knows what. Mind you this whole time I am in flip flops. Once that was done, all the scare actors was there and in full make up. It was still day light so we all went on a hayride, learning the route of the hayride. We got to meet all the scare actors. My favorite would have to be Dillon. He was in charge of the corn maze. He was so full of energy and always yelling and having conversations with the guests. Once night fell and the first car pulled in everyone rushed to their spot. As promised we was the first group to go in. Having a great time going there seeing everyone in their places. Kat once again making me jump at the same spot. This is where they found mine and Abi's fear. Chainsaws. Rushing quickly through the bungee maze. Off of the corn maze, chatting with Dillon as we made it out quickly. We went through the maze several times having a blast each time. the guy with the chainsaw starting to chase us through the corn maze just to get a kick out of screaming and running, This was when I was glad i knew my way out. Later on taking a break for pizza. The actors getting a small break in to join us before another car came. Later on we did a hunt challenge. Robbie against the two of us girls. Abi and I winning it. As the winners we was giving pieces from Big Dipper! We was given 3 pieces total. I kept two pieces and decided to be the nice sister I am and share with Robbie giving him one piece of Big Dipper. Then For showing up We both was given two pieces of Thunder Run. We went through the trail one last time with all the lights out. Everyone in different spots. After the trail The guy who ran the chainsaw (I can not remember his name) Decided to chase Abi and I around the parking lot a few times. Chasing us into Robbie's car.
Over all It was a wonderful night and I had a great time.

The end of the night was the best as Monica and Abi were both chased into the car by the chainsaws! Classic!

That is it for now. Can't wait till Coasterfest!
Group Photo 1.jpg
Amazing photo of ACE Scared Stiff, Midnight Forest's first ever ACE event! The photo was taken by Kat. She's pouting about not being in the photo, but the ones taken by someone else are too blurry. :(
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Re: Midnight Forest Haunted Trail

Post by BobbalishBobbus » Thu Oct 28, 2010 9:36 am

Very cool. I would've loved to have made it down to check out the place. Maybe next year...Awesome work!
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