Saving On A Six Flags Season Pass

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Saving On A Six Flags Season Pass

Post by Paul Drabek » Thu Sep 01, 2016 9:30 am

To my coaster enthusiast and non-enthusiast friends. I always get asked when and how is the best way to get tickets/pass/etc. Labor Day weekend (right now until Monday) Six Flags always has a big sale this weekend on next years passes that are worth your while. If you buy a season pass this weekend they bump it up to a Gold Pass which means you have access to all of the Six Flags parks AND (big money saver here) each pass includes parking at all of the parks. You can either pay for it all in one lump sum of $51.99 or do what Six Flags calls a membership which is monthly payments of $4.35 per person. If you buy a season pass now for 2017 you get to use it for the rest of this season which at SFStL goes through New Years Day.

As for further saving there is the Six Flags Season Dining Pass. During the Flash Sale (Labor Day weekend sale) they go for $79.99 you get for the rest of this year and all of 2017 a lunch, snack and dinner during each visit plus you get a all season drink cup so no paying for drinks. The food is worlds better than what it was a decade ago and the portions are huge. Taking food cost out of the equation each year makes heading down to Six Flags a significantly easier decision to make. Another perk of buying this weekend is like your season pass this can be used at ALL of the Six Flags parks so if you are taking a trip as Bond and I did we didn't have to worry about food for three of the five days on our Texas trip as we were at a Six Flags.

What's great is Six Flags has gotten the idea that the more value you give your customer (ie: The All Season Dining Plan) the more they will come back or visit your other parks. They also offer a photo pass that gives you digital copies of all of the on ride photos throughout the year, a Go karts pass and even a Sky Coaster pass.

Hopefully this helps you all save a little and have some fun.

Six Flags Season Passes

Have fun!

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