Negative G family reunion

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Negative G family reunion

Post by Gump » Sun Sep 07, 2014 8:17 pm

Hey all,

I wanted to post this since I didn't see anything. Our annual coaster family get together is coming up this weekend on Saturday and I wanted to know who's in ? Hopefully , there will be a good turnout because the Gump family and I missed you last year. Word is we may get last look at Scooby Doo which could be fun, good food and ERT. I'd like to do dinner at that now infamous hole in the wall Mexican restaurant if everyone else does. I know I haven't been on a lot this past year, but I would really hope each of you would consider just coming to hang out. Yeah, there's a few rides we've all rode the heck out out but since joining this group Dare Devil Daze has been the thing I love the most. We get to hang out and ride like crazy with our family and yours plus get spoiled at the end of the night with snacks. Best of all I get to escape with those of you who share a passion of riding till the park kicks us out. I hope I will see you for the unoffical Negative G Family Reunion, but if I don't please promise me next year you'll give it some thought, not for rides but for hanging out with family.



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