Laff Trakk - New for Hersheypark 2015

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Laff Trakk - New for Hersheypark 2015

Post by michaellynn4 » Wed Aug 13, 2014 9:33 am

Official Press Release:
Hersheypark Announces First Indoor, Spinning Glow-Coaster in the United States
Prepare for More Grins, Giggles, Twists and Turns in 2015

(Hershey, PA - August 12, 2014) — Known for blending the best of the past with the innovations of the future, Hersheypark announced the addition of Laff Trakk, the first indoor, spinning glow-coaster in the United States for the 2015 summer season. Laff Trakk will be the 13th roller coaster at Hersheypark, officials announced today in a press conference at the site of the new attraction.

Laff Trakk, built within a family friendly house of laughs, spins riders through an eye-popping adventure of sights and sounds complete with glimpses of colorful characters including classics like Laffing Sal plus an engaging hall of mirrors, house of cards and more. Laff Trakk, a 21st century Fun House, offers a new experience with every trip as riders enjoy the sensation of floating along the coaster track.

“Fun Houses are an American amusement park treasure and an important part of the historical fabric at Hersheypark,” said Kevin Stumpf, General Manager, Attractions & Entertainment. “We are thrilled to bring back some of the timeless elements from these classic attractions and, quite literally, put a new spin on them.”

Set to debut in May 2015, Laff Trakk, part dark ride, part family coaster, will deliver a different sensory experience with each trip on the innovative attraction. “The
number and size of riders affects the rotation of the cars giving riders a different view of the bright, colorful elements and playful surroundings providing endless amounts of fun on Laff Trakk,” continued Stumpf.

As soon as riders enter the queue line, they will see a glimpse of the whimsy which awaits them in Laff Trakk and be able to capture the anticipation in sharable photo opportunities.

The roller coaster will deliver larger than life experiences in an elaborately themed environment. The new attraction will be located within a 130 feet long by 75 feet high red, white and blue building along Midway America between the Whip and Midway Tent.

Hersheypark worked with the award-winning team at Raven Sun Creative, a New York-based immersive entertainment design group that has worked with internationally known brands, to bring the Park’s rich history to today’s guests.

“Our team took inspiration from researching iconic Hersheypark Fun Houses,” said Louis Alfieri, Principal and Chief Creative Officer, Raven Sun. “We looked at archival images of ‘WHOOPS,’ ‘Laugh Land’ and ‘Laffing Sal’ with the goal of re-creating the nostalgic Fun Houses of yesteryear with the latest in technology in Laff Trakk.”

Maurer Söhne, a German company, manufactured the coaster that will feature a four-seat ride vehicle with two seats in two rows, back-to-back. The design of the coaster car allows for a 360-degree free spinning rotation. Reaching a maximum speed of approximately 40 miles per hour, Laff Trakk takes its riders along 1,400 feet of track which includes an Immelman turn (riders enter a half loop and then go through a half twist and curve out in the opposite direction in which they came), multiple high-banked curves (85 degrees maximum) and Camelback air time hills.

With seven ride vehicles each holding four riders, the 70-second ride has an estimated ride capacity of approximately 850 riders per hour. The ride system utilizes a
combination of the most modern magnetic and pinch braking systems to give everyone the smoothest and safest ride possible.

For more information or to take a “virtual” ride on Laff Trakk, please visit You also can like us on Facebook at or follow us on Twitter and Instagram at @Hersheypark.
Here's the POV:

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Re: Laff Trakk - New for Hersheypark 2015

Post by michaellynn4 » Wed Aug 13, 2014 9:37 am

I personally think this is a great addition for the park. Family ride, unique themeing, good location in the back of the park to bring people back there (people have always clogged up the front of the park, especially since Skyrush was added). Been looking to get back to the park, definitely think I'm going next year now.

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Re: Laff Trakk - New for Hersheypark 2015

Post by tribar » Wed Aug 13, 2014 4:49 pm

Great addition for HP! Looks like a really fun, unique ride

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Laff Trakk - New for Hersheypark 2015

Post by Paul Drabek » Sat Aug 16, 2014 9:15 pm

Is it me or does this feel like "Beetlejuice: the Ride"?

It is not going to be a huge capacity but it should be a fun ride anyway. Just hit it first thing in the morning.
Life is short....have fun!

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