Carowinds 4-8-16

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Carowinds 4-8-16

Post by dare-to-fly » Fri Apr 08, 2016 10:18 pm

Overall, great day at Carowinds today. Here are the awesomenesses and speedbumps. :)

1. Harmony Hall - LOVED the bbq pork and highly recommend their mac and cheese as a side. Wifey said the baked beans were just as good...but I'm not at all a bean-eater.

2. Fury 325 - That's probably a duh, but the coaster really does rock! It's only one trim away from being steel coaster perfection. That darn little thing in the middle! At least it doesn't do much! The crew of the ride was very good at getting trains out of the station, and vaporized what little line they had in the last hour. Walk on for Fury...yes, please! Also, to end the night, when our train came back in, the last train of people had been sent. The riders were yelling, "One more more time..." like they often do. When he asked, "So you really want to go again?" I was expecting the usual, "Then come on back tomorrow when we open at 10am and you can ride again." Instead, I was surprised with, " can ride again." Great way to end the night!!

3. Re-rides - To cut this short - they were allowed on all rides when no one was in line for your row! The way EVERY PARK should do it! I enjoyed re-rides on Hurler, Fury, Afterburn, Carolina Cyclone. I miss being able to sit on The Beast in the morning like that.

1. Trims on Intimidator and Hurler were ridiculous. Snooze... I can't even recognize the enjoyable coaster that Hurler used to be before the trims were installed, especially since they are stronger than they've ever been. (That's all I'll say...I'll behave...)

2. Intimidator's crew failed at checking our train. When wifey's bar wasn't down the required number of clicks and they stated it over the PA, she pulled it down. Rather than checking properly or trying to get it another click, she had them upbar our row, and jammed it into her stomach as hard as she could. Meanwhile........guess whose bar never got re-checked?

3. I overheard a conversation between two associates, one on load, one on unload, that sounded like this. "What's the signal for unlock restraints?" "Uh...I think it's this." Really? What else don't they know? At KI, that's covered and quizzed on in general knowledge before you ever touch a ride, and you are then trained at the ride where it's covered and quizzed on again. This leaves me wondering about Carowinds' training procedures...

I must say, the forgotten favorites of mine at Carowinds are still Afterburn and Carolina Cyclone. CC is a great Arrow, and I love the fact that there are no brakes so that you can experience all the elements at full speed! It so often gets forgotten and I wanted to make sure it got the credit it deserves.

Now my final question...
Does anyone know where they moved the entrance to Thunder Road? I looked for it all day long, and no one seems to know where it went. I can't find the lift to follow it either, so they must have it hiding somewhere. ;)

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Re: Carowinds 4-8-16

Post by Spencerman » Sat Apr 09, 2016 12:22 pm

That sounds like a lot of fun, besides the speed bumps. It's also great that they let you stay in your seat for re-rides, especially that last one in Fury.

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