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The Schafer's Trip to Arizona

Posted: Fri Mar 27, 2015 10:49 am
by MattS1974
Mt. Hood
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Once again it is spring break in Oregon and so it is time for the Bi-Annual run to see my in-laws in Arizona. This trip down was different than the one two years ago. My wife wanted to stop for a night instead of driving straight through. So we left PDX at around 3:30pm and ended up in Reno at 1 am. We didn't get much sleep and at about 8:30 am we stopped the only Dutch Brothers coffee shop in Nevada and headed down south.
We are not West of the Cascades any more ;)
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Don't mess with the Bulls
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The original plan was to stop in Vegas on our way into Lake Havasu City, until 30 minutes outside of Vegas our daughter says the words every parent hates to while on a road trip, “I don't feel so good.” Good bye riding coaster #52 at this point in time and we just headed to see Nana and Papa.
Sunday was a day of much needed rest and relaxation which brings us to Monday. A boat ride around Lake Havasu City and the Colorado River.
Nothing like Palm Trees and sunshine
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Lake Havasu.jpg
Along the banks of Lake Havasu City
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London Bridge... Yes that London Bridge. LHC bought is for 2.5 million and brought it over brick by brick.
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Spring Breakers would jump off the top of this rock... I will always take two rails over that thanks ;)
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Water landing.
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Beach we found
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A couple of highlights was being buzzed by a turboprop corporate jet, finding a really nice beach to stop and play at , and running into a nudist colony. Well not a colony, but while we were exploring the coves trying to find a nice spot to play we ran into a group of people about 70 years old who were naked. My Mother In Love said, “I thought they were wearing tan swimming suits and noticed that they had a lot of wrinkles on their suits...Then I realized that it was their skin and not suits.” I thought about taking a couple of pictures but sometimes the theater of the mind is much better ;). Plus I didn't want our camera to break, or throw up a little seeing the pictures again.

Tuesday and Wednesday were just relaxation playing in the pool, playing cards, drinking just to forget what we saw on Monday, with some 4 wheeling out in the Desert thrown in.

Re: The Schafer's Trip to Arizona

Posted: Fri Mar 27, 2015 11:13 am
by MattS1974
That moment you thought you took enough pictures and realize you did take enough of them... That's how I'm feeling right now... but on with the show...

Thursday was the day to head back to the Adventure Dome in Las Vegas to get #52... Adventure Dome was built during the time Las Vegas was trying to be “Family Friendly.” I'll finish my thoughts on Vegas later.

With all day bands purchased first on the list and #52 for me is El Loco
Could it be???
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El Loco was built by S&S Worldwide.
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fun fun fun
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El Loco is a fun ride... But I need to learn how to ride these... I used a lot of strength just to feel safe. Your butt comes off the bottom of the seat a lot and the last dive loop goes really slow so you hang from your seat belt and lap bar. For the amount of space this takes it is a fun ride.

The Second coaster (#15 and #10 for my son for those asking ;) is Canyon Blaster. The world's largest indoor double-loop, double-corkscrew roller coaster. Also the second indoor coaster built by Arrow... The first one was at Old Chicago.
the only picture I took. :P
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If it looks like an Arrow, sounds like an Arrow, and you hear riders say “ouch ouch”... then its an Arrow coaster. Honestly though compared to Corkscrew in Silverwood this one has a little less head banging. It's also better than the standard Corkscrew with a double-loop and a helix through the mountain. I really thought took some pictures of it but guess it wasn't that high on my list of picture taking.

There are also other rides in Adventure Dome.
swinging ship
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Bumper Cars
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It is a nice place to visit if you are in Vegas area and looking for something to do. We got 5 rides on El Loco before it broke down and 4 on Canyon Blaster... we could have done more but my son needs a break after riding a coaster. After 4 hours it was time to head back south... It is funny how fast Vegas changes. The area around Circus Circus was getting long in the tooth 14 years ago and now Circus Circus looks rundown compared to all the new buildings around. 20 years ago the South End of the strip was the place to be and Mid Strip was a ghost town... Now its Mid strip is the happening place and the south end is like a ghost town. Vegas is an amazing place just to look at buildings. Sorry I was driving at that point in time so I don't have and pictures.

Well with all good things this trip is just about to end... Been a memorable one to say the least. but one last picture before the trip home.
One last swim
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Re: The Schafer's Trip to Arizona

Posted: Fri Mar 27, 2015 2:18 pm
by Spencerman
That sounds like fun! I really enjoyed the El Loco at Indiana Beach, and I really hope to ride this one some day! The truly are loco!

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Posted: Fri Mar 27, 2015 2:22 pm
by Paul Drabek
Matt I find that the best way to deal with El Loco's forces and restraints is to put your arms up/out (it is a little hard to with the restraints) and just relax your body. Yeah if you do 5-10 laps your shoulders are going to have bruises show up a day or two later but what's a little bruising for a fun ride?

Oh I had no idea that Mt. Hood was a flying mountain like those on Pandora?

Re: The Schafer's Trip to Arizona

Posted: Fri Mar 27, 2015 6:35 pm
by MattS1974
Paul, you really need to spend a week out here just to take pictures of mountains, beaches, lighthouses... my pictures don't do it justice like yours would. Plus I owe you at least a dinner or two ;).

Re: The Schafer's Trip to Arizona

Posted: Fri Apr 03, 2015 7:38 am
by Paul Drabek
Dinner is good. Two is better. ;-)