Indiana and Kentucky, now with photos!

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Re: Indiana and Kentucky

Post by Greg » Sat Jun 28, 2014 3:22 pm

Spencer, I would like to read your trip report, but it's too difficult for my eyes. Please consider using small paragraphs separated with a single space. This helps all reader's, not just us middle-aged folks. You're a pretty good writer. You add detail and your punctuation is excellent.

I hope you don't mind that I am doing this, but I want to break up your report into paragraphs. I look forward to reading more trip reports from you.

Alrighty, I think it's about time for actual trip reports! I have taken photos, but I won't add them until the end.

On Sunday, June 22, after the nine hour drive from the Hawkeye State, my dad and I arrived at Santa Claus, Indiana. All of Santa's helpers must live here, as there were dozens of Kris Kringles all over. We stopped by our hotel, and great one at that, Santa's Lodge. We did have to wait a little bit before our room would be ready, due to the big weekend they had. So we drove around town. We passed Holiday World (kind of hard not to, actually) and looked at some of the buildings across from our hotel.

We headed back to our hotel and got the keys to our room. My dad had ordered a deluxe room, with a microwave and refrigerator in the new section, section E. The room was nice and the wooden beds and chairs added a nice touch to the room. The lobby was nicely decorated with Christmas all over. It's a very homey hotel, and town, for that matter. We visited Santa's Candy Castle, which was pretty cool to check out.

Holiday World
We were able to park in the Raven lot, the closer of the two. And it was free! We got to the gate, and got a great discount with our ACE memberships, at about $32 each. Keep this in mind if you are visiting and bring your ACE membership card if you have one. In the park, they had I nice little Christmas section, with jolly music playing throughout. I like it when parks let you wait in a "lobby" section before they technically open.

The wait for Halloween was pretty big, so my dad and I headed to the Fourth of July area, to cross over into Thanksgiving. We were near the front of the crowd, and started walking towards the 170 foot Voyage overlooking the park. We saw people ahead walking back and saying, "the Voyage isn't open" and such, spreading the word. So, avoiding the crowd might not have been the best thing in hindsight.

We decided to head over to Halloween and hit the Legend, since that was the closest one. We chose the back, and boy, it was not the best. The ride seemed pretty rough, but not bad. Still, it was fun. We headed over to the Raven, and chose the middle. The ride was pretty good, and not as rough as the previous one. We then made our way down to Thanksgiving, the see what was happening at the Voyage. We saw a couple of men working on the curve before the third 90 degree turn. We asked the lady in front of the queue and she said they were working hard on opening it later in the day.

We gave Gobbler Getaway a spin, my dad scoring 100 and I scoring 400. Needless to say, we are not good at aiming. The Mayflower was nearby, and was a fun ride in the second to last row. It didn't last as long as the one here at Adventureland, but rides of this type never disappoint.

We then walked under the Voyage into Splashin' Safari. We were probably the only fully clothed people there, in shirts, cargo shorts, jeans, and tennis shoes. The line for the Wildebeest was pretty long compared to the rides we hit previously, but it kept moving. They definitely run it well. The rides is well worth it, other than the fairly uncomfortable position you have to sit in. I had to adjust to keep from getting a cramp. The ride was incredibly fun! Be sure to get in line for it when you are at Holiday World, if you don't mind getting wet, of course.

Mammoth was next, with the longest line and wait of the day. It was about forty minutes before we headed into the actual loading building. However, the ended up taking all of the rafts off of the ride. We didn't really understand what was happening. The only fault I really saw in Holiday World was that when the ride operator for Mammoth tried to tell us what was going on, all you could hear from the speakers was a muffled voice. The reason they stopped the ride was the weather. Very dark clouds and a little bit of thunder was overhead. We ended up waiting about a half an hour extra. Once the weather passed and the ride started up again, the operators did the best work getting the line moving. The operators at Holiday World did were awesome, and worked quickly but safely. Just like the Wildebeest, the Mammoth was well worth the long wait! The ride is very enjoyable, and gets you soaked.

Afterwards we walked back and ate at Kringle's Pizza. For seven dollars, you can get a delicious slice of pizza, lots of fries (or breadsticks, if you prefer) a pack of Oreos, and the famous free soft drinks (including Gatorade)! The lunch was very good, and the cashier was very friendly. This park certainly knows what it means to be friendly to guests.

The Voyage was next on the agenda, until the park announced that some rides will be closed. Mother nature, seriously, please don't keep us from riding the Voyage. It was time to look at the flats in Fourth of July! My dad and I decided to ride the flyers. It was my first time on one, and my dad's first time in a while. Flyers may be my new favorite flat ride, or one of them at least. These fiberglass flyers didn't turn as far as the metal ones at Kentucky Kingdom and Indiana Beach, but were still a lot of fun.

We walked into Fourth of July, and arrived at Holidog's Funtown. Sad to say, the Freedom Train wasn't there. It was replaced by a new, sleek train. Holidog's Express was fun, and the conductor would recite the stories for each statue we passed. Afterwards, we hit the Howler. We rode this coaster twice. Kind of a big milestone, as it was my fifteenth coaster, and second kiddie coaster. The vibrant yellow sure was purdy, and the Holidog shaped trains were cute. I believe after this we heard the announcement that said that rides were running again.

Voyage, here we come! We did wait a bit, because they had to test each train three times, but we were next to a friendly guy who talked to us and helped pass time. The wait after the testing was short, as we were just outside of the staircase that led to the loading platform. The lift was very quick, but none the less it felt like we kept going up and up and up. The drop was fantastic. All fear left me and my hands went up. The first half is epic! I loved the giant hills, and then the low to the ground turnaround and underground tunnels. The brake run was a nice breather, and didn't take away too much of the speed. The triple down underground was awesome. Then it started to rattle. The rattling increased, and the pain occurred. My head hurt until the ride stopped. It rattled my ribs. A bit of a downer.

After this ride, we both agreed that the Raven was the smoothest coaster there. However, we did enjoy all of the rides there. The line was pretty short, so we headed back up. Of course, mother nature didn't like that idea and shut down the coaster. I took a few photos, then we headed into the Liberty Gift shop. I found this awesome shirt that showed a ship, a rave, a headless horseman, and a wildebeest on it. We also saw some cool things like a Peterbilt truck model and such. The rain stopped, so we decided to look at Mrs. Claus's candy store, and another gift store in Christmas.

The rides opened again, so we decided to hit the Voyage again, this time in the front. Holy cow, what a difference! It was weird looking down the first drop and stay there for a few seconds. The rest performed as it did on our first ride, until we hit the triple down. The parts afterward were a lot smoother! The rattling was still there, but wasn't as strong. It did not hurt as much as the first ride.

We decided to hit the Legend a second time, in the front. Same outcome! This may either mean that my dad and I are wimps when it comes to ride intensity. We then decided to hit Raven, not in the front, but in the middle, as it had the shortest line. This where we decided that the Raven was the roughest of them all. It's probably my least favorite of the three, but it's still an amazing ride with a cool turn over Lake Rudolph (that allows you to wave at paddle boaters).

I think this is where the great day ended. We both had a lot of fun riding rides and spending time together. We stayed at Santa's Lodge that night, and left for Kentucky Kingdom the next morning. Santa Claus, Indiana is a great place to spend a day or two. I love the small town feeling of it, with an amazing park nearby. You have to visit this place if you ever have the option.

I will write my reports for Kentucky Kingdom and Indiana Beach and add photos later. Thanks for reading!

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Re: Indiana and Kentucky

Post by CptBeeble » Sat Jun 28, 2014 5:59 pm

Sorry to hear the Voyage was rattling in the second half.... but I'm guessing that it's not any worse than it ever has been, since you said the first half was fine.

In my experience, the only times Voyage has been "too rough" was when you started with the OWOWOWOWOWOW at the bottom of the first drop and didn't stop until the ride was over.

It also helps if you've ridden a bunch of times and now how/where to lean to avoid unnecessary contact with the train.

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Re: Indiana and Kentucky

Post by Spencerman » Sat Jun 28, 2014 6:05 pm

Oh, thanks Greg! I would have never thought of that. I will be sure to keep that in mind. :smile:

The rattling was pretty bad. I had to hang on to the bar the first go around. Not the best sensation at such a high speed.

I also forgot to mention that we rode the Raging Rapids before we left, and it is a very good ride. In the house you float through, I noticed that the table has the same type of drinking glasses that we have here at home. The flooded town is a great touch.

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Re: Indiana and Kentucky

Post by Sora » Wed Jul 02, 2014 5:42 pm

Voyage would be significantly more comfortable if they replaced the hollow seat dividers with solid ones. Having my thighs rammed through them on every bend was NOT fun.

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Re: Indiana and Kentucky

Post by Spencerman » Sun Jul 06, 2014 7:54 pm

Hooray for ending procrastination!

Kentucky Kingdom
My dad and I left Santa's Lodge before nine, to arrive in the parking lot before eleven. (Even though the drive is an hour or so, there is a time change between Santa Claus, IN and Louisville, KY). This was certainly one of the most interesting routes on the entire trip. Southern Indiana is beautiful, especially compared to the boring southern Illinois route we took. When we were near Louisville, we had to take the bypass instead of heading on through the interstate, I believe due to heavy traffic, but I am not entirely sure. You will notice that Louisville is very industrial, and somewhat chaotic. It isn't too hard to find your way to Kentucky Kingdom, as it shares a parking lot with the event center.

Getting up to the gates, you can tell that the place has been worked on. The paint is fresh and vibrant, and it all looks new. The ticket prices are a bit high, but not too terribly bad, considering all of the money that has gone into fixing up the park and adding new attractions. Once the chain dropped, we headed over to the shiny, new and blue track. Lightning Run. Holy cow. Our first ride was in the middle, near the front. Tons of floater airtime, as you fancy enthusiasts call it. Seriously, this would be the best way to motivate people to lose weight. We got to view a couple of "walk of shames" due to the restraints. But, they are comfy! They do cause a bit of claustrophobia when you first put them on, but are unnoticeable as the ride starts. And do not forget the chain. It started up at the same speed as pretty much every other coaster I've been on. Then bam, it speeds up. Then, nearing the top, you slow all the way down. See how awesome this is? I've written this much, just to talk about the lift. The rest is just speed, airtime, and fun. The three ending bunny hops are intense. Plenty of airtime and "hairtime". You'll just have to experience it yourself. After we rode once, we moved on due to the longish line.

On to the back of the park, across the bridge. The waterpark ahead is very colorful, but that's not why we are here. Keep walking to the right, and you hit a very shaded area. This is my favorite section of the park, due to the laid back, homey feel. Also, be sure to keep to the very right, or else you be the only fully clothed person that far into the waterpark. Now onto Thunder Run. Whew, probably the smoothest wooden coaster on the trip. The lines were practically nonexistent, especially so early in the morning. I loved this ride! A perfect mix of airtime with laterals in between. I certainly love wooden coasters. Rocky Mountain Construction knows what they are doing. The only thing is if there is nobody in a seat, they secure the lapbars with the seatbelts. This causes a bit of a slow loading time, and a bit of a hassle when you first enter the ride. We ended up riding this three times, twice in the middle and once in the very back. Great either way, maybe with more instant airtime rather than floater in the back. A lot of fun is an understatement for this ride. I regret not getting photos of this coaster (except from the Ferris wheel).

Mile High Falls was next on the agenda, as it's right there. The station was empty, and you could tell the operators were glad to see us. This is a good time to say that the entire staff for the park was very friendly! They love their jobs and it's not hard to tell. On to the ride. We were at the top when an airplane was right above us. Sweet! I didn't know this, but the top of this ride and the drop do not have any water in them. This was my first time on a ride of this type. We sped down the drop and OOF! Punched in the stomach by the restraints! Owie! Being surrounded by water was fun, but the pain was not. We believe it was due to the empty train, because we rode again later with other people and did not experience this. We also rode in the back this time, which for some reason, has a lower lap bar than in the front. Fun ride, but be sure to structure yourself!

We then hit the Flying Dutchman. I'm not sure if I prefer this or the floorless swings more. Next in line was Roller Skater, a fun coaster, with plenty of trees. The bright yellow ride is surrounded by them, and it's cool to go up the lift and be as high as the tops of the trees. I really wish I got more photos of the back section. Ugh. Right next to the bridge is the Giant Wheel. This is probably the tallest Ferris wheel I have ever been on. You could see the whole park and downtown Louisville! We then took the trek to the front of the park and had a couple more laps on Lightning Run. I prefer the middle a bit more just because I like the floater airtime. The back does throw you up and down, but we didn't really feel weightless. Professor John's Flying Machines are cool because they give you a good view of the blue giant. FearFall was next. My dad and I were pretty nervous, as he hasn't been on a tower that takes you up slowly and drops you, while I rode one and wasn't entirely warmed up to tall rides at the time. Other than the hard brakes on the bottom, we both had a lot of fun. Just be sure to put your arms and legs back in before it happens.

After this, we headed to Swamp Water Jack's, in the back of the park on your way to Thunder Run. I ordered chicken tenders and my dad ordered an Angus beef hamburger. A bit of a pricey meal! Nine dollars for three small (but delicious) chicken strips and some fries. I think it totaled about $19, including drinks, for the two of us. Talking about the drinks, I thought this was funny: at Holiday World, we made very frequent stops to the restrooms, but didn't have to make too many at Kentucky Kingdom. I wonder why... :wink: Anyways, as we were inside, it started pouring outside. It was funny to watch as the previously dead building became full of activity and soaking wet people. Well, Mother Nature, I will accept your apology for being so troubling for us the previous day.

The rain didn't last too long, so we left Swamp Water Jack's and headed for Thunder Run. The ride was closed, and people were entering the queue, only to make their way back. And looking back on this, I have even more guilt for not taking any photos at this time. :? We crossed over the bridge and watched Lightning Run which, again, wasn't running. At least we got to ride each coaster before the rain, because they didn't operate for the next hour or so, despite the blue sky and white clouds. The 5D Cinema was next on our list, and was a nice addition to the park. They played segments from Rio, and although I didn't notice, my dad states that not only do the chairs move, but they also had some wind during the hang gliding scene. Walking back to the exit of the park, we saw that the sea lion show was going on. We saw the last few minutes, and enjoyed watching it. At the very front, we asked a very friendly security officer to take our photo in front of the water fountain sign. We grabbed a couple of maps and bought some souvenirs, and we were off to the next park, Indiana Beach!

Kentucky Kingdom is a great park, though a bit pricey. We really enjoyed it. It is worth adding an extra day if you're in the area.

Thank you for reading!

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Re: Indiana and Kentucky

Post by Raptor29 » Mon Jul 07, 2014 9:46 am

I think I beat you in terms of procrastination, as it has been almost a month since I went to KI, and still haven't written my report. BAM!
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Re: Indiana and Kentucky

Post by Spencerman » Sat Aug 16, 2014 6:16 pm

About time I get off of my lazy rear and finish this report.
Holiday Inn Express in Scottsburg, IN
This is the hotel we stayed in after Kentucky Kingdom. It's probably a half an hour out of Louisville, and I recommend it. The location is fine, as it has the feel of a small and friendly town, with many big restaurants, like the nice Cracker Barrel within walking distance. The hotel itself was great, and the employees were kind. One lady was having a small birthday party, and offered us some of her cake. They even gave us a couple is ice cold water bottles for the road.

Holiday Inn Express in Lafayette, IN
The drive from Scottsburg, IN to Lafayette, IN (a college town 15 minutes away from Monticello) was about three hours. The hotels in Lafayette are a bit pricey, but the hotel we stayed at was very nice, colorful, and offered chocolate chip cookies ( :D ). It's not far from Walmart, so that's handy. My dad and I surely enjoyed this place.

Indiana Beach
We arrived at Monticello before opening. Be sure to look for the giant sign that says "Indiana Beach South Parking Lot" as that is where you want to go. It's also free, and the park map makes me believe that the North lot is "preferred parking" and has a slight fee. Right from the bat, we knew we were going to enjoy the place. The parking lot has a nice, small park feel to it. There are booths right there from the bridge. They offer a few options including rides, waterpark, a combo, or a non rider band. We opted for the ride band (which allows ACE members to get a 6 dollar discount) and a "Cool Cash" card for Dr. Frankenstein's Castle ($3.50 a person). The lady was very friendly and helpful. We were then on our way to the bridge. After having the guy scan our wristbands, we were in. What a great photo op! Indiana Beach is a very charming park.

On the peninsula, rides were testing all over. The first coaster of the day was Tig'rr, a Schwarzkopf Jet Star. What a quick little coaster! It was amazingly fun! The tight turns after the first drop were fun. This was my first Schwarzkopf coaster, and boy, what a great first impression! We rode it twice in a row.

Looking back towards the midway, we noticed that Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain (LoCoSuMo) was running, and sped towards it, as we have heard of it being a low reliability (and capacity, as the line was HUGE later in the day). I was brave and rode backwards the first time, facing my dad. I have to say that for a first ride, facing backwards is the way to do it (unless you dislike not being able to anticipate the drops and turns). We rode again and I chose to face forward. I didn't find it as much fun, however it does allow you to see some of the theming elements. Be sure to hit this earlier in the morning!

We then walked over to Hoosier Hurricane and got in line. I believe that there was a bit of a problem with the control panel, so we were sent back. We were heading to the line for Cornball Express, but there was an employee standing outside of it, telling us that it was closed. It never did open, and we looked at it a few times and noticed mechanics working on it. Darn.

We made the trek over to Steel Hawg. This was the only inverting coaster on our trip, surprisingly. It's pretty spooky, with all of the loco elements on it. The first drop is beyond vertical, and, as of writing this, is the only beyond vertical drop I have ever been on. Quite a rush. The other notable elements include the outward banked turn, the dive loop (which is like a heart-line roll that keeps you upside-down for a few seconds, then finishes in a half loop) and the downward heart-line roll. I never did get any photos of this, which is fine, because it isn't that hard to figure out. We rode it once early in the morning, then twice later in the day due to a nearly empty queue. It could be a bit confusing to get to, as there were cabins and street roads that looked like you shouldn't be walking on them.

Near the Steel Hawg, there was a new tugboat ride and a closed off pathway leading to a bright orange Dragon Wagon Double Spiral coaster. Located in the area was the Shooting Star type ride and Music Express (a nice looking Himalaya ride that also takes riders backwards). I didn't ride either of these, but I have heard that the Star ride will allow single riders, unlike most. This is one example of how unique and "old school" IB is.

We heard screaming from up above, and noticed that Hoosier Hurricane had reopened, so that was next on the agenda. We rode in the middle of the ride. It certainly needs some care, as it was pretty rough. That said, it was an amazing experience. Being above the water was the best part of this ride, as well as diving under the bridge and waving to people entering the park. The turnaround was cool as it circled the defunct (but still pretty) mini golf course and came close to the Ferris wheel. This is certainly the icon of the park. We then rode in the absolute front. How epic! You can see the water through the track. The ride isn't as rough either. I recommend the front seat for this coaster.

We rode some of the other rides, like the cars (my favorite car trail of them all) and the train. Inside the train, we passed through Dr. Frankenstein's Castle. (Dun dun dun!) After the train stopped at Kiddyland (the train loads/unloads at Kiddyland and Adventure Point), we walked over to the Castle. I am the biggest chicken ever, so I had an uneasy feeling. This is where we used the Cool Cash Card, because they do not accept cash for the attraction. We were in with a group of girls, and we followed behind them. Thankfully, this warned me when the next jump-scare was. It is not gory, so the squeamish won't have to much trouble. There were some startling (yet hilariously hokey) sections. There is even an outdoor balcony. This is all I want to tell you, as I don't want to spoil the experience. Definitely worth a look at!

For lunch, we had the World's Best Tacos. That statement is correct, at least in my opinion. The shells were unique themselves, as they were chewy. But they weren't soggy. The best part, however, was the sauce. Delicious. This is what I recommend for lunch. There are also food stalls at the North End of the park, and I assume they sell your average amusement park cuisine. There is even a fancy restaurant in that area (more on that later).

We rode the Double Shot, which is very opposite from Adventure Point. It shouldn't be hard to find, however. It is right next to the new Growler ride, which is one of those Tornado flat rides. On to the ride, the operators were having a lot of fun. They would tease you, but not in an over the top way. The guy on our side he'll count down for us. Which he did. "Two. One." And the intense ride was in motion. Holy cow, the first shot up and down was okay, but brace for the second! Nearing the top but not slowing down, the ride yanks you downward. This was slightly more intense than the three bunny hops on Lightning Run. However on this ride, you actually had space to float off of your seat. Wow.

We also rode the Den of Lost Thieves dark ride. It's very "old school" and a lot of fun to go through.

On the midways, there was this friendly guy who was walking on stilts, and talking and waving to people. And he did much more. Later in the day, after he shrunk, he was juggling pins, doing magic tricks, and talking to people. He had a crowd around him. Very cool. He needs a raise. For realz.

We rode the Skyride from Adventure Point down to where the double shot was. But we weren't there to ride. We were the to dine at the Skyroom restaurant. Very nice and relaxing. It must be soundproof, because when we were right next to the window, we didn't hear any of the ride noises outside. The food choices vary from sandwiches (I chose the Double Shot Club with turkey, ham, American cheese, and Provolone cheese) to steak and shrimp dinners. And it's all reasonably priced. We weren't alone as there was another family and, surprisingly, the stilt-walker! I happened to be looking at him as he looked up, and we smiled at each other. This dude was friendly. We exited the building at the same time, and he was willing to talk with us. He had a show at 7:30 that night, but we couldn't watch it as that's when we left.

Indiana Beach knows how to use their location. Along with the awesome rides over the water (like the YoYo and Scrambler, the two we rode), they offer a cruise. With a wristband, the 30 minute ride is free. The 75 minute ride is $3.50 with a ride wristband. Seriously, what amusement park offers a cruise on a real lake? This ride gives you magnificent views of the park. Again, worth a visit.

At 6:30, the advertised ski show started. They used jet skis, a speed boat, and a diver. Lots of fun to watch.

This ends our day at Indiana Beach. This park was very charming. We had a great day here. I hope to return to all three of these parks sometime in the future. Next up, I will add some of the photos taken on this trip.

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Re: Indiana and Kentucky

Post by Paul Drabek » Sat Aug 16, 2014 9:15 pm

Great TR Spencerman.

Frankenstein's Castle is a must especially that one bit that makes you feel like you're falling (not going to say any more). Also you are 100%correct on IB's Tacos are the best in the world. I really need to get back there for some.

Again great TR as it makes me want to get back to IB. We need to set up a -G IB day next year.

Have fun!

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Re: Indiana and Kentucky

Post by Spencerman » Sat Dec 13, 2014 6:46 pm

Holiday World photos!
Santa Statue.jpg
Dedicated to the children of the world!
Santa Statue.jpg (96.86 KiB) Viewed 5761 times
Voyage in the Distance.jpg
What's this?
Voyage in the Distance.jpg (170.34 KiB) Viewed 5761 times
Check out the Holidog clock!
Enterance.jpg (188.52 KiB) Viewed 5761 times
Raven at the enterance..jpg
A great view when waiting to enter.
Raven at the enterance..jpg (220.9 KiB) Viewed 5761 times
Raven Lift.jpg
Very beautiful.
Raven Lift.jpg (200.07 KiB) Viewed 5761 times
Raven's Turn.jpg
This was my least favorite of the three, but still an awesome ride.
Raven's Turn.jpg (388.43 KiB) Viewed 5761 times
The Legend of the Flume.jpg
I love how the flume's hill is underneath the Legend's hill!
The Legend of the Flume.jpg (156.24 KiB) Viewed 5761 times
Legend Lift and Drop.jpg
A far away look.
Legend Lift and Drop.jpg (154.9 KiB) Viewed 5761 times
Voyage Station and Lift.jpg
What a ride!
Voyage Station and Lift.jpg (195.76 KiB) Viewed 5761 times
Voyage Under Path.jpg
I love how it interacts with the midway!
Voyage Under Path.jpg (156.93 KiB) Viewed 5761 times
Voyage Tilted.jpg
This was my attempt at being artsy.
Voyage Tilted.jpg (124.44 KiB) Viewed 5761 times
Voyage Station Swoop.jpg
Sadly, this part was very rough, and knocked down what would be my favorite coaster ever to second place.
Voyage Station Swoop.jpg (240.35 KiB) Viewed 5761 times
Voyage Turnaround.jpg
I still loved it though.
Voyage Turnaround.jpg (295.24 KiB) Viewed 5761 times
Voyage Breakrun.jpg
We were afraid that we wouldn't be able to ride, as the weather and maintenance took up some time.
Voyage Breakrun.jpg (181.23 KiB) Viewed 5761 times
Liberty Launch in the Rain.jpg
Really, the weather was crazy!
Liberty Launch in the Rain.jpg (127.66 KiB) Viewed 5761 times
Christmas Tree.jpg
It wouldn't be Holiday World without it!
Christmas Tree.jpg (104.86 KiB) Viewed 5761 times
We didn't spend much time in here, but we did ride Wildebeest and Mammoth!
Waterpark.jpg (223.96 KiB) Viewed 5761 times

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