KI 4/25/14

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KI 4/25/14

Post by JoshKI » Wed Jun 11, 2014 11:23 am

Sorry I have not been on in a while. But here is one of my visits to KI!

April 25th, 2014

So today was the first time I had been to KI since September 8th, 2013. I left at around 3:30 P.M due to my brother being slow to get to his car. I got their at around 3:50 P.M and we left the car to go to the front gate. I really love the new look and feel to the front gate. I also love how there are no more turnstiles blocking the way. Our first ride was Diamondback. I got on one of the first trains of the day on DB and was very surprised to hear that Diamondback had seatbelts now. I adjusted quickly to the change though. The seatbelts were very lose and non retractable so it sort of felt extremely unnecessary. The ride itself was very good and was not as rattly as the time I rode it last. 9.5/10. Me and my brother Jake then got on The Beast which had absolutely no wait. I then got on and we where off. I have to admit, the first part of the ride from the first turn to the brakeshed was ALOT slower than the last time on it. However the rest of the ride was faster and smoother. 9.6/10. Me and Jacob went on The Racer next. I rode on Blue and its a very good ride. There are trims on the turnaround but they do not grab as much as Red Racer's trim on the turnaround does so we won! After Racer we went on Banshee. Me and Jacob only waited 10 minutes to ride it and it was awesome. The ride never lets up! Also it took me two minutes to get clear headed again due to how intense it was but it was very re-ridable. 9.8/10. After this me and Jacob left KI to get a bite to eat since the food prices are a lot more expensive this year than recent memory. We went to McDonald's and went back to the park to eat in the car. Jacob then left the car on accelerator, locked it, and closed the door....with the key still in it! Jake called everyone but they said to go to security. Since my bros car is a 2000 Toyota Corolla with everything manual, windows, locks, trunk it was a bad situation. So we went to guest services signed paperwork and security was their in 5 minutes at our car. They air pumped the door and opened it CIA style. We where so glad that this happened at a theme park and not a Gas station or something like that. So me and Jake entered the park again and rode The Bat. The Bat was very cool and even though it looked the same it sure was faster, smoother and squeakier due to the new wheels. 8.7/10. After getting on The Bat, we got on Vortex. Vortex was a lot more intense than last year but also a little rougher. But since I am about 6 '1 I did not get headbanging. My brother Jacob did not ride it since he was 6'5 and it would be very uncomfortable for him to ride it. 8.0/10. We then went on the Eiffel Tower took great pictures and went back down. At this moment I wanted to ride Banshee at night so I left Jake defiantly. But I changed my mind and went to the parking lot to see my brother leave! But he was just finding a better spot and after running frantically to get him I finally got to him. So after that we left at around 8:45 P.M It was a great visit and a very great day! 9.6/10 I still have only one con from the trip and that is how expensive everything is this year. Everything is at least a dollar or more expensive than it was last year. Have a great day and thanks for reading.

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Re: KI 4/25/14

Post by Spencerman » Wed Jun 11, 2014 5:11 pm

Cool report. That's awesome, how the security could help with the car! I liked how you added your ratings of the rides.

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