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Calaway Park, Calgary AB

Posted: Thu Aug 15, 2013 9:14 pm
by CptBeeble
Just had about 90min to spend at the park at the tail end of my PNW trip, but it was enough. Calaway is a "family" park, meaning that it's mostly kid-friendly rides. There's a log flume - which, according to the sign, will close Sept 3 to make way for a much bigger flume with 3 drops next year. I didn't ride it, as my entire 90min would've been spent in the queue. The sign said the new flume will have 3X the capacity of this one. They apparently need it, as every other ride was a walk-on.

The Vortex is a standard arrow corkscrew in teal track and lime green supports with pink trains. Really. It's very well maintained and maybe the smoothest Arrow cork I've ever ridden. They give you two trips around, so I was glad it was smooth.

The Mini Express is a new kiddie coaster (I need to email RCDB) and is a standard zig-zag Fiesta Express from Zamperla. They thought it was hysterical that I wanted to ride it. I made sure to throw my hands up and WHEEEE on all the turns.

Then there was something called Mind Blaster. It was a U-shaped track with a skateboard-like sled that held two round tubs of seats with OTSRs. The sled went back and forth, the tubs spun, then the sled tilted outward at 45deg. It looked badass, but it was just uncomfortable and kinda boring.

There's a Chaos and a wave swinger and some bumper cars, a lot of kiddie rides, and a classic Enterprise called Storm Chaser. Man, I forgot how fun those are. Something about going upside-down with no restraints at all that still freaks me out. Lots of swing on those cars, too.

So Calaway is a nice little family park that's good for credit whoring plus a great Enterprise. The end.