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Adventureland Iowa TR

Post by Spencerman » Sun Oct 28, 2012 8:46 am

First off, I'm sorry there aren't pics. :( You'll find out why. Second, this is my first TR, so it's not the best.
ANYWAY! The whole day was awesome. The wavepool was out of order (due to college kids going back to school) so there was free parking, soft drinks, and lazy river tubes. That was awesome because we weren't even going to the waterpark! So a ride we weren't going to ride anyway was out of order, and we got free drinks! Umm, WIN! When we got into the park, the first ride we hit was the Raging River. Always hit the water rides first. The lines get real bad anytime else. Really fun, but...
OH MY GOSH! There is a waterfall in the end, and it's about a foot thick! SERIOUSLY! This poor little girl screamed later in the day, it was so bad! My pants were too wet to take my phone out and take pics. This is one of my few complaints about this park. A great rapids ruined by a freezing waterfall.
Okay, rant over. After our two laps (we were soaked the first time that we couldn't get much wetter, plus no lines) we went to the Log Ride. Great ride. It's funny though. The Sky Ride goes right over it, when they saw my dad and I, and we were soaked to the bone, they didn't want to ride the Log Ride! Quite funny! Then we went to the sliding intertube thing, Sawmill Splash. Usually only a few drops hit you, unless you're unlucky. Another two laps, then we went to get our breaths stolen. The Outlaw! *Insert triumph music* We got 6 total laps on it. It's AMAZING and still keeping well. Of the few coasters I have ridden, this is my favorite, from bunny hops to the brakes. My dad is backwards. He thinks it's rough and says the Dragon (ugh!) is smooth. I try to explain that it is intense, but he just doesn't understand coaster geek speak. Speaking of the Dragon, that's our next stop. One word: Hopkins. They should've just stayed with water rides (which btw, they made Raging River). One lap on that. Didn't ride it again that day. Looming above our heads was the Tornado. It was my least favorite of the six coasters I've ridden since it scared me on my first ride. :oops: Yeah, I'm wimpy. So I went to ride the Lighthouse alone. My dad doesn't like spinning rides. Airtime and laterals make it three thumbs up! When I got off and met with my dad, I looked at the Tornado and said, "I'm ready." Good choice on my part. If I chickened out (and I do that often) I would've missed out on an AWESOME ride. It's tied for my second favorite with the Legend at Arnold's Park. The operator, Bill, (lot's of older operators named Bill by the way) gave me a high-five on each lap. I wish I got a pic with him, but oh well. I remember on the first lap I sat on the right. Big mistake: the two turns on the ride go left, so my dad pretty much squished me. Ow. I got 7 total laps on it. Why ride a poopy steel looper when there are two awesome wooden coasters?

TO BE CONTINUED! (Yeah, I still have a lot to say! :P )
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