How our trip to Worlds of Fun is going?

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How our trip to Worlds of Fun is going?

Post by Paul Drabek » Fri Aug 03, 2012 6:05 pm

Woah we're having a blast. We're all having a bite to eat so I'll fill you in with what's up.

It's insanely hot here but the park is empty. So we've had a plethora of rides on everything in the park. Todd, Travis and Galvan got all the credits and Todd squealed like a pig on Mamba.

WOF PR Director Brandon Stanley took us under Mamba, Timber Wolf and Patriot as well as through the Club Blood haunt and Oceans of Fun. We all chatted about everything and it was a super cool way to see the park.

So what are we up to next? After pulling Greg away from the bar we're going to go ride for four more hours before heading home. By the time I pull back into my driveway it'll have been a 22 hour day but a hell of a fun one.

Have Fun

Life is short....have fun!

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