Coaster Con 35

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Coaster Con 35

Post by Gump » Thu Jun 28, 2012 9:26 am

With this being my first Coaster Con experience I wasn't sure what to expect. Lines were surprisingly non existent which got my attention. My hat goes off to Dollywood who pulled out all the stops despite being a little under prepared for 600 folks, and second to Carowinds for trying to put out food that resembled Dollywood quality. The Negative G cabin was the place to be at Con I felt due to good friends, lots o' drinks, and just general fun to be had. Some brief highlights include way to many people in the hot tub night, turning off the outside light to see if you A: Remembered the combo to the lock, B: could even see the lock, and the epic moving of Alabama Mikes bed to the kitchen. The last one was made funnier by Mike not even noticing we moved his bed! As I am writing this on my break I will continue with some more highlights later tomorrow. If anyone from the trip has pics PLEASE post them!

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