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Hershey, and my niece's first coaster!

Posted: Sat May 05, 2012 4:07 pm
by scooby305
So I went to Hershey yesterday with my sister and her husband to take my neice on her first coaster. It was very cool coming into the park and seeing the Skyline towering from inside the park. It's station and lift are literally smack dab next to the Comet, and that lift makes the Comet look like a dwarf! I definitely have to go back later this season when it's open.

We headed directly for the Comet for my niece's first coaster experience.. Standing in line, boarding, and going up the lift, she was fine.. I don't think she knew what was coming lol. After the first drop I looked back and saw terror. She was gripping her father's arm like it was the only thing holding her in. It scared the hell out of her, but she didn't scream or cry or anything. So we went on, got her on a lot of the kiddie rides. I think she rode the leap frog about 10 times. We eventually made our way over to the Trailblazer.. She loved that, and it seemed to brave her up a little. She decided she wanted to try the Comet again. So we headed back over to the comet for another ride... This time she did a lot better. When it was over she was smiling and she just kept saying 'That's scary'.. I'm happy though, because I think we have an upcoming ride warrior in my family lol.

The good - The Comet was running EXCELLENT. The two rides on it were probably the best rides I've had on it in a while.
- My sister and brother in law took turns a couple times with my neice so that we could ride the bigger coasters.
-Had a great time with my family..

The bad - 2 of the rides we were hoping to get my niece on, Sooper Dooper Looper and Coal Cracker, were closed for the day...
I managed to get a ride on all the coasters that were open except Fahrenheit. At the end of the day they told me to go ahead and ride it and they would wait at the gate... I waited 30 mins, got right up to the station, and they closed it because of thunder... So I missed out because I didn't know how long it was gonna be.

All in all it was a great trip!