Couple Hours at Alabama Adventure

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Couple Hours at Alabama Adventure

Post by mikeau98 » Sun Aug 21, 2011 1:05 am

Well, I had been contemplating a trip to AA since I hadn't use my season pass that much. After completing some yard work in the morning/afternoon I decided to make the short drive and get my Rampage on.

I got to the park a little over 2 hours before closing, got a prime parking spot, and headed inside. Started the walk back to Rampage and realized I had not ridden the park's latest addition, Buzzsaw Falls. Made my way to the queue and noticed a short line, then realized they only had one boat. Even then it was still a short wait. While waiting I noticed that people were coming into the station not just wet but completely drenched. Well, it was my time to ride so we loaded in the boat and headed up the lift. We came down and made quite a splash and I had gotten a nice spray but not too bad. Then I noticed we were heading under the bridge that crosses the ride, and that is when we got soaked. The amount of water flowing off front and back of bridge was unbelievable. Anyway, it is a nice addition for AA and they now finally have a ride that actually gets you wet.

So now it was time to go on a Rampage but I was passing by Stratosfear Screamer and thought that might help me dry off a little. Back to back zen rides. Still waiting for that thing to just fly off the top.

Finally time for Rampage. There wasn't much of a line so I was able to get 3 rides without having to walk around, had to change seats once. Walked around a got a couple more rides. It is running about the same as it was for -G trip. One difference is the 2nd row seat divider has been fixed :(. Thing now is the entire seat is trying to come loose and the ride operators had to push/kick it into place every few rides.

Thought I would go see what else I wanted to ride. There is the Boomerang, what was I thinking even contemplating about riding this. Lucky for me it wasn't operating. Didn't really ask anyone what the issue was. I'm back near Stratosfear so I grabbed a few more rides, none zen this time though.

Back to Rampage and stayed until the final ride of night. There was actually a line this time so had to walk around a few times and ended up with seven more rides, the last few rides being after sunset. Looking forward for another ACE event because I can see how it can be really dark which should make the ride even more fun. One thing is I hope they fix the potholes during the off season.

That is an end to the couple of hours, not a bad way to closeout my Saturday.

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Re: Couple Hours at Alabama Adventure

Post by Greg » Mon Aug 22, 2011 6:35 am

LOL. I enjoyed your TR. The title made me think AA was offering a special deal for couples and I kept reading and wanting to figure out how the couples hours would work.

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