Six Flags New England 7/12/2010

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Six Flags New England 7/12/2010

Post by beastbass » Mon Jul 12, 2010 5:21 pm

What a terrible day at the park.

But we'll get to that later.

So the plan today was that my Grandparents were going to drop off Me, my mom, and my aunt at the park while they go do their own thing. Simple enough. Well we didn't bet on it being so CROWDED. I capitalized that entire word to put emphasis on how crowded it was. The entry plaza was packed. We got there around 11.

Anyway, my plan of attack was to go back to Bizarro and then go from there. This is where things start to go wrong. When I got in line, it was backed up to the 45 minute sign. It was then I noticed the one-train operations. I figured it wouldn't be a huge deal at first. But Dispatch was taking forever and the line was barely moving. I think I waited a half-hour before they went to two trains, and by then the overflow was open for 10 minutes and they still had to test. The line finally started to move when they finally went full force two trains. I think this is when Bratman walked into the park, it broke down. It was about 10 minutes when they got it running again. Long story short, it took 2 hours from the 45 minute sign to ride.

Now, they were doing this all over the place, I assume for crowd control, but they only let so many people into the station at a time. But once I got in, I headed straight for the back. Lucky me, the operator put all her weight down and stapled me in. Excellent. So... my thoughts on the ride? First of all, I think the music is unnecessary. During the ride I wasn't hearing any of it. It kinda just sounded like static. Not because it was broken, but I was busy not paying attention to it, and probably never will. I think all effects were working, except the fire. The airtime was glorious, the only downside is that I was stapled in, so it was uncomfortable. If it had more comfortable restraints, this ride could possibly be my number 1 (I'd say a solid number two, with Voyage number 1). I wish I could have gotten more rides but I'm not about to wait another two hours.

Now, after that, I started waling towards Batman. On my way, I noticed Catwoman's Whip. I rode. Pretty fun. Really good kiddie coaster.

I came across Mind Eraser and noticed a full train. I looked at the line, and with operations the way they were it would be about a half-hour wait...SKIP!!! Went on to Batman.

Now Batman was only a ten minute wait. Maybe because it's practically out in the middle of nowhere. Its really inconvenient to get to it if you're not going into the water park. Anyway, getting into the station, they ask you "How many?" then go tell you where to sit. I sat in row 4 on the very outside right. I thought it was awesome. I love B&M. So smooth. So crisp. I cursed at the trim. Awesome. Loved it. More roller coasters should be built on smaller plots of land. They seem to be more fun.

I think it was after this I started getting dizzy. It was well into the 90's. There were no water fountains, at least I couldn't find any. I had to pay 3.29 for water. Ridiculous. As I was walking around, all of the rides had looooong lines, and I honestly was sick of waiting in line. So I sat down and had a good meal. I then decided to get some wood.............en coasters ridden. Thunderbolt had a half-hour wait, which I didn't believe cause I stood outside it and noticed the long dispatches. So I made my way over to Cyclone.

At Cyclone I had about a 15 minute wait, they were running one train (I think they have two). I sat in the back seat. I regret that. The airtime was painful, painful, painful. I actually thanked the trim. That was the most OMFG airtime I've had. Airtime's nice. But just like alcohol enjoy it in moderation. 8)

When I exited I met up with my mom and aunt, they just talked to my grandpa, and they were going to pick us up in an hour. Well the older ones wanted to go on Blizzard River so i figured I could use the cool down. We waited 45 minutes to ride. Got a little wet, probably only worth waiting 20 minutes.

And that's all I rode. We went straight from the exit of Blizzard River to the park exit, and they were already parked there. So that's my day.

So some key points to summarize:
3.Not so great operations overall
4.Expensive water
5.Bizarro #2
6.Batman fantastic
7.Cyclone painful
8.Catwoman's Whip my #1 kiddie coaster :wink:
9.Would have been better with less people and heat

Here are some pics I took

The crowded plaza

Waiting for the train


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Re: Six Flags New England 7/12/2010

Post by CoasterJedi » Mon Jul 12, 2010 5:55 pm

Sorry you didn't have the best time but your photos are awesome!

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Re: Six Flags New England 7/12/2010

Post by dare-to-fly » Mon Jul 12, 2010 9:22 pm

beastbass wrote:I sat in the back seat. I regret that. The airtime was painful, painful, painful. I actually thanked the trim. That was the most OMFG airtime I've had. Airtime's nice. But just like alcohol enjoy it in moderation. 8)
Does not compute...

This sounds like a coaster that I would enjoy...but would be annoyed by the usual.

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Re: Six Flags New England 7/12/2010

Post by Waterboy Jr. » Tue Jul 13, 2010 12:14 am

Dude what a let down. I dont care if it's the greatest park in the world! Heat and a big crowd can spoil any coaster enthusiasts mood.

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