The Santa Claus Museum

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The Santa Claus Museum

Post by ahoffman50 » Sat Apr 28, 2007 11:46 pm

I ventured into Santa Claus today, eager to see the new addition to the Santa Claus museum.
As I walked through the glass door of the Santa Claus Museum, I heard sleighbells ring accompanied by a friendly greeting from the museum curator. He promptly showed me around the place, which is quite charming. The first rooms that I saw had the history of the town of Santa Claus before Santa Claus Land. Among other interesting artifacts, this area includes the stories of how the town got its name, the history of the Candy Castle and toy store. There was a magnificent arial photo taken during the seventies. It is amazing how much the town has grown in such a little amount of time!
From there, we ventured into the Holiday World / Santa Claus Land section, complete with a paper model of the Raven and a beautiful sketch of the Legend. This area also includes a very interesting map of the original vision of what Santa Claus Land was to become, I was surprised by some of the things that were included on the map that are very similar to what is there today.
The next room had a mix of several different items. There are different stories of Santa Claus, a collection of toys throughout the years, and various artifacts from Santa Claus Land and Holiday World. There are even costumes from past costume characters! There was a silk screen of the old Santa Claus Land Map here as well.
The new addition was marvelously done. This room contains letters sent to Santa Claus and a real working player piano among many other items! I was truly impressed with this new expansion, and I hope that the museum continues to grow in the many years to come!
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