10 handbuilt mazes to fox your guests

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10 handbuilt mazes to fox your guests

Post by Sora » Tue Mar 06, 2012 4:51 am

After reading Fossil's article I had to give it a go myself, and this is the result: eight mazes with single paths to the exit and two mazes with three and six paths to the exit. There are no dead ends in any of the mazes, to ensure a straightfoward walkthrough. Some of the mazes, such as 3X3 Maze, are very small. These are good to place alongside busy pathways or at busy intersections, as they have a colossal throughput and can make shed loads of money. "Cyclone Maze", for example, was sandwiched between Traver's Sesquicentennial Cyclone, two packed queue lines, and a busy midway. The ride cost only $175 to build, but made over $3,000 in profit by the end of year 1. In due course there will be another maze pack with multi-maze mazes, but for now, enjoy! :D

Fossil's article is here:
Maze pack.zip
10 mazes for RCT2.
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