Shockwave 2

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Shockwave 2

Post by Sora » Fri Apr 30, 2010 6:00 am


Shockwave 2 is a fast and furious Steel Twister coaster for RCT2. It has a rectangular footprint, six inversions (including two 4.88 g vertical loops), and a maze of twists and turns.

Ride throughput is high thanks to its four trains: 6,000 peeps per hour at the start and then it stabilises at around 3,500 - 4,000 per hour. Although construction costs are quite high at around $23,000 on flat land, with just a $7.10 ticket price it generated over $25,000 an hour and building costs were paid off within a year. Ten years later and it had made over $200,000 in profit with no change in ticket price. Version 7, with its fifth train, gained an additional $13,000 over that 11-year period.

Shockwave 2 takes up a medium footprint: 27x12 or 29x12 depending on version, so it is well-suited for larger, German Fair-style scenarios, or medium-sized parks which need a compact yet profitable ride. The coaster also makes a nice centrepiece ride as there is plenty of action visible from all angles. There is no scenery included.

Thanks are due to rcthelp and wolfman of the rctspace forums. Their questions, advice, and suggestions, were most helpful. The thread can be found here: ... 25755&st=0

One final point: the smaller version of Shockwave 2 emptied a 100-person queue in just 4 minutes, so be careful where you place it. It gets a good number of repeat riders, though. Enjoy! :D

P.S. Comments are always appreciated.
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