2 Track Packs

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2 Track Packs

Post by Sora » Sun Dec 03, 2006 3:59 pm

Hello everyone, I've decided to release some of my better coasters. There are two packs in the folder: 'The Cat Pack' and 'The Cyclone Pack', both for RCT2 with WW+TT.

The Cat Pack comprises three of my original RCT2 coasters (suitable for small parks, piers or low budgets) shown below:



"Siamese Cat" (Wooden Twister)
A three-level figure-8 layout with steep drops and fast curves.

Excitement: 6.10
Intensity: 6.70
Nausea: 3.90
Inversions: 4 (Inline Twist, Loop, Corkscrew, Corkscrew)
Trains: 2 (articulated cars)
Space required to build: 17x8
Cost to build: £7,330

"Cat's Claw" (Inverted)
Based on "Persian Cat", this ride was an RCT3 coaster I converted back.

(Without Scenery: / With Scenery:)
Excitement: 6.41 / 7.34
Intensity: 8.58 / 8.61
Nausea: 6.87 / 7.18
Trains: 3 (4-across cars)
Cost: £10,847 / £12,265)
Space required to build: 18x9 (allow 2 more blocks in every direction when having scenery).

"Persian Cat" (Junior Coaster)
A twisted little Junior ride.

Excitement: 4.48
Intensity: 5.69
Nausea: 3.75
Trains: 1 (Ladybird cars)
Space required to build: 16x7 blocks
Cost : £4,003 (Note: there is scenery but as I don't have a park I can easily check it on, I've tested it without scenery).

The three rides are small, cheap, and popular with the peeps.

The Cyclone pack:

4 centrepiece coasters shown here:

"Little Dipper"
A triple out-and-back wooden twister coaster - same height as the Siamese Cat but too violent for the kids.

Excitement: 7.10
Intensity: 7.75
Nausea: 4.43
Trains: 2 P+C style, 6 cars per train.
Cost to Build: £7,628
Space required: 7x24 blocks
Special features: Trick-track and 'Spine smasher'

A Steel Twister (have included for posterity) pulling 6.14g in 2 vertical loops!

Excitement: 8.80
Intensityy: 810
Nausea: 4.80
Trains: 3 with 7 cars holding four passengers each.
Building cost: £29,207 (includes scenery)
Space required: 24x15 blocks
Special features: 2 small vertical loops

A wooden equivalent of the above without the loops.

Excitement: 7.91
Intensity: 8.78
Nausea 5.07
Trains: 2 P+C style with 12 cars each
Building cost: £22,690
Space required: 15x24 blocks

"Sweet Revenge"
A kind of hybrid between me, Prior and Church and Harry Traver's styles.

Excitement: 8.62
Intensity: 9.67
Nausea: 5.84
Building cost: £17,759
Space required: 30x10 blocks
Special features: 'Spine smasher' (dips where the train banks from side-to-side) 'Jazz bunny hop' (Bunny hop with train banking) and a whopping 7.92 seconds of air!
Trains: 3 P+C style with 9 cars each comfortably handles the 56-person queue line and is crash-free. 8 cars per train gives a full 8 seconds of air, but the guests soon complain about the waiting time.

Let me know what you think. Enjoy!

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Post by vekoma9 » Sun Dec 03, 2006 4:47 pm

Seems like your having with these. I would suggest looking at real coastes and mix all of them together, I like doing it. your at a good start.
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Post by Sora » Wed Dec 06, 2006 7:30 am

vekoma9 wrote:Seems like your having with these. I would suggest looking at real coastes and mix all of them together, I like doing it. your at a good start.
Thanks! Actually, I have taken a few ideas from real rides. The interlocking corkscrews on Cat's Claw were taken from Nemesis Inferno, and if you look at Sweet Revenge, on the left-hand side of the lift the track looks quite similar to Frederick Church's Savin Rock Thunderbolt or Revere Beach Cyclone, with its hump halfway along and the swoop curve at the opposite end from the lift crest. Also, the homerun into the station on the Little Dipper uses Steve Franks' RCT recreation of Traver's Trick-track from his recreation of the Cyclone at Crystal Beach. :)

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Post by KevinCLovesU » Wed Dec 06, 2006 10:53 pm

Absolutely beautiful designs. The problem is that your coasters (excluding Earth) don't follow E>I>N (that is, excitement should be greater than intensity should be greater than nausea). I find it very odd that earth, which pulls over 6 G's, is the only E>I>N! But your excitement and intensity rates are very close, so you've done a very respectable job. I absolutely LOVE the layouts... very curvy, and the track weaves over and under itself. Great tracks. If I hadn't accidentally thrown out my RCT2 disc ( :( ) I'd be all over these right now.

BTW, for a fun design challenge (it won't fare well in a park, use the track designer) build a coaster that's N>I>E. It's hard (intensity almost always tops nausea) but I've done it.

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