The Best Old Chicago Memory Ever!

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The Best Old Chicago Memory Ever!

Post by Paul Drabek » Wed May 04, 2011 7:45 pm

Hey all;

Over the last couple of days I have been emailing a gentleman who emailed me asking about Old Chicago's Dunk Tank. Now I didn't remember what was so special about the dunk tank but here's what he wrote back about it.
Far as the dunk tank’s uniqueness, there were several things. Physically, it was huge about 12 foot tall I would say. It had 4 seats and 4 targets… though I never saw more than 2 people in it at any given time. The water was over 5 foot deep, so when they got dunked they actually had to tread water and swim back to the ladder. This was all visible through the full Plexiglas front.

The part that made it so memorable to a 19 year old guy was the dunkies. Though there was an occasional guy, it was 90% 18 year old attractive girls in very skimpy bikinis. Intermixed with them were some smoking hot girls. I was at the park quite a bit because my girlfriend lived close buy. I frequently got myself into trouble with my girlfriend while strolling past the dunk tank. The dunkies were all very flirty and loud.

In the early opening of the dunk tank the girls in the tank had no microphone, the ones out front did. There were usually three of them out front. They would conspire among themselves and flirt up all the guys around their age. If a family went by they were very appropriate and sweet. If a group of 18 year old guys or guys with dates went by, they were brutal. It was an outpouring of comments that were intended to have double meanings. They would often pick on a group and ultimately zero in on one guy in the group. “Hey you think you can make her wet? I’ll bet she’d love to go down for ya.” Another popular tease was that the girl that gave you the balls and took your money would stand by you and yell “HARDER!!!” After every miss. Often they would all join in and chant it together.

Since you could not hear the dunkie till after they put microphones by them, they were all about hand gestures. Here again the family crowd would see waves and motions as to say come on or yawns and other gestures of boredom.. Guys the dunkie girls age could expect to see that and occasionally be flipped a mean or even sexy finger in between.

That game was easily one of, if not the biggest turn on of my youth. I was addictive. I could go on and on. I will send the photos soon as I find them.
That was awesome! Easily the best dunk tank ever.

Have Fun

Life is short....have fun!

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