My Wooden Coaster Designs


These twisted creations sprang from my own mind.  Everyone likes to armchair quarterback and this is my way to do just that.  Check them out and hey if you happen to own a park and want one of these I'll sell you the rights to them really cheap.


The Great Wolf

Imagine you have an amusement park at the top of a mountain.  You also happen to own all of the land around including a really nice valley.  You need a big "star" attraction to bring in the crowds well that's where The Great Wolf comes in.  Diving off of your mountain the Great Wolf fits the bill and is full of twists, turns, airtime and a few surprises. 

The Great Wolf,  a No Limits Rollercoaster Designed By Paul Drabek


The Badger

Badgers are ferocious little mammals with a penchant for kicking ass. Expect to spend some serious time flying out of your seat with Negative G's as well as slamming into the sides with some laterals also.

The Badger, a No Limits Rollercoaster Designed By Paul Drabek



It's been a while since I created anything using No Limits and while stuck home with a flu I was also bitten by the bug to create a wicked terrain coaster filled with plenty of airtime and ground hugging action. Sasquatch is the fruits of my efforts and with a total vertical change of 170 feet and over 4000 feet in track it will give you a hell of a ride through the mountains.

Sasquatch, a No Limits Rollercoaster Designed By Paul Drabek



It's been a while since I sat down to come up with my own coaster design so this coaster is what came of it.  I have fun making coasters that resemble tangled up knots because when you get half the way through you really have to think your way through the ending of the ride to make it all come out right. As a child in Chicago there is a famous stretch where two interstates meet called the "Spaghetti Bowl". It was a huge mess of ramps, bridges and crossovers and I think my love for twisted coasters comes from there because it was always a thrill to drive.

Maelstrom was built to have some twisted moments whipping in and out of itself as well as giving the coaster enthusiast head choppers, non stop action and plenty of airtime with several surprise moments of extreme air as well. This is NOT a mellow coaster.

Maelstrom, a No Limits Rollercoaster Designed By Paul Drabek


The Bear

This was designed for RideWorld's No Limits Coaster Design Challenge.  The primary goal was to have ten moments of airtime and less than 3000 feet of track. I made it just under the length requirement and went way over with the airtime, thirteen instead of just ten moments of air.

With the limited length and space to work with I took several elements from classic coasters and fashioned a out and back coaster that becomes a twister for it's second half.  Be warned, this is a coaster built for a coaster enthusiast and is not for the faint of heart!

The Bear, A No Limits Rollercoaster


The Flyer

I have always had a fascination with the Coney Island Cyclone or it's clones. They really pack the maximum amount of coaster into the smallest space possible. I have made several cyclone-ish coasters on No Limits but this is by far my best Cy-Clone! The Flyer is packed full of airtime, laterals, twists, turns and a couple of fun close calls to keep any coaster enthusiast running down the exit and back up the line for more!

The Flyer Rollercoaster


Big Twister

Big Twister is an interesting out and back coaster that's mixed with a twister.  Look for airtime and a few interesting head choppers!


Actually the first drop and hill were inspired by the Tree Topper and the insane turnaround was inspired by the Typhoon coaster at Santa's Village.


Mental Instability

As you can tell from the name I was feeling a little bit insane when I created this.  I wanted something violent, twisty and buried within structure and I succeeded!


Bobcat Mountain

Bobcat Mountain was created for a No Limits challenge over at Rideworld.  I feel that this is one of my finest coasters.  It has some fantastic terrain, extreme air and some wonderful surprises.  As you can tell from riding it I took a lot of inspiration from the two coasters down the block.



My inspiration for this coaster was a photo of a coaster in the Robert Cartmell coaster history book.  It's a fun, twisty ride.  Also this ride takes some decent processing power so be warned!

Whirlwind, a No Limits Wooden Coaster Design



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